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This week we look back on some of our favorite stories from a year that had us asking—sometimes with excitement and sometimes with exasperation—”What Next”? This episode originally aired June 1.

If you want to understand the way inequality is baked into the systems and structures all around us, examining the pay equity issue in U.S. soccer is a pretty good place to start. But after a six-year battle, the U.S. Women’s National Team struck an agreement with U.S. Soccer, ensuring equal pay for equal work for the men’s and women’s teams — another victory for a team that doesn’t take no for an answer.

Guest: Christina Cauterucci, senior writer at Slate and a former middle school soccer star.

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2 thoughts on “2022 Retrospective | How Soccer's Best Women Finally Got Paid | What Next | Daily News and…

  1. This seems like the opposite of what any feminist or progressive would want. How demeaning is it to just get money that you didn’t deserve? That you didn’t earn? It spits in face of meritocracy and equality.

  2. Soccer's best women who lost to a team of 13 year old teenage boys.
    Hey, remember when feminism was about proving women can pay for their own shit? Now they're demanding men give them a bunch of money they haven't earned like a bunch of kept housewives.

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