5 Things CONFIRMED In EAFC 24!

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5 Things CONFIRMED In EAFC 24!

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Craig Douglas


38 thoughts on “5 Things CONFIRMED In EAFC 24!

  1. Either every card released past October has fake stats or every card available on release has fake stats. "Content" literally means adding more fake stats to a player. There are 90+ cards for 3rd and 4th division cards. That's not "artificial"?

  2. Fifa has sucked since the introduction of ultimate team. These features are shit women in ultimate team really ? Who cares.
    There was more shit in fifa 09 everything got downgraded each year to make room for terrible ultimate team features to get as much money from people as possible.

  3. With the academy players they dont want you too use the same team they want you too buy packs too get new cards so cant see them letting you upgrade cards

  4. NHL Ultimate team put females in the game and it worked perfectly fine. They made the women identical as the men in their specific positions. This wouldn’t be a hard thing to introduce at all. It worked very well with NHL.

  5. Do you know if Ultimate Team will be a standalone free download, similar to Warzone or will it be an all in one game like previous Fifa games?

  6. Why tf is there so much virgins crying about women in ultimate team ffs 🤣 just quick sell them or some shit if you don’t want to play with them you idiots . No one is holding your controllers hostage tf. Keeping it a buck idk any women that really plays with men in real life as well so like I don’t how it’s gonna be in game but at the end it’s just a game 🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Let’s be honest, everyone getting excited about other points. If they put women alongside men in ultimate team the game is done, unless they are all rated in the 40s

  8. We sit here at this time every year thinking this is the year.
    EA will do what makes them the most money. They have proven time and time that they don't care about game play or the experience of the player. Just get ready to get your fifa points out to stay ahead of the curve.

  9. They have women players in NHL 23 Ultimate Team, the special cards are as good as the male player cards but they obviously have lower strength and all that. In my mind it doesn't change a thing, it's still just a video game.

  10. I'm done with EA after fifa 23, EAFC sounds terrible to me, icon cards for current players? Mixed teams with men and women? I can't see how that's going to work with the different body types and sizes, strength discrepancies etc. I'm all for a women's ultimate team but why force it onto everyone? The traits and attribute boosts are going to break the game aswel, I can see it being riddled with problems that EA aren't going to account for. I'll probably stick to fifa 23 and wait for one of the other football games to release. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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