6 Easy To Follow Tips To Improve Mind Power

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Have you ever heard of the 10,000-hour rule of genius? If you haven’t, then read on.

Studies have proven that in order for a certain individual to be considered a master or a genius in a certain field, skill, or craft, he or she must have at the very least dedicated 10, 000 hours to hone this skill, craft, or brand of knowledge that he or she is specializing in. At least 10, 000 hours of regular, consecutive and intensive training, and then, he or she can be considered a genius, a master, a virtuoso.

1) Practice, Practice, Practice

Therefore, in order to improve mind power, what you need to do is to practice, practice, practice. All this practice and training must be done constantly and kept regular in order for all the hard work to truly take its effect.

Athletes and dancers are very good examples of this mindset. They train regularly, maintain a strict diet and regimen. They work out regularly, and they have coaches who train them intensively. Even alone they already have that discipline set into them that is quite impressive. Every little thing that they eat, every activity that they take part in and do, every little thing that can affect their bodies and system is strictly monitored. Aside from their strict and regularized training, they also practice, practice, and practice. Such discipline is a good example of how athletes and dancers perfect their art and thus can also be applied to how one can improve mind power.

2) Improve Mind Power Through A Healthy Diet

It’s key to get the right nutrients into the system in order for the mind to function at its optimum level

In nutrients of course, in order to boost the mind’s health, you should eat a healthy and complete diet. This is a given in almost any person who wants to be healthy. If focusing on your brain, the foods that can help your brain are nuts- which are high on choline, a very good food for the brain. You should also add in a lot of berries like cranberry, blueberries, etc. which are very good for the brain and keeps the signs of aging from affecting your mind’s power. Other foods such as grapes, green leafy vegetables, legumes, and others such as broccoli, cauliflower, are also great for the brain. Among other things foods high in carotene such as carrots also help boost the brain’s mind power as well as foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like tuna and salmon.

3) Snooze Your Way To Improve Mind Power

Sleep is one of the best things that a brain needs in order to replenish itself. Studies have proven that the more hours a person misses that is intended for sleep, the more the brain cells suffer, and thus, memory is also affected. A right requirement of at least 7-9 hours should be allotted in order to give the conscious mind a time to rest and replenish itself through sleep.

4) Improve Brain Power Through Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation improves brain function and actually protects against cognitive decline, as does physical exercise.

It would be good to do your crossword puzzles, answer your mathematical equations, or play your Sudoku games first thing in the morning before going off to school or work. While traveling towards school, you can even review your notes or while commuting towards work, you can try reading the newspaper. Before going to bed, it would be good to keep a good book with you so you can read yourself to sleep.

5) Journals And Blogging To Improve Mind Power

Another good practice to help keep your mind power is to keep a journal or have a blog. Recording the events that happened to you gives your mind a good exercise not just in memory but even through the act of writing and forming the right words, sentences, phrases, etc., you get to exercise more aspects of your thought processes.

6) Improve Brain Power Through Human Interaction

It is good to keep contact with other people because human interaction stimulates your brain cells. Conversations with others will invigorate the brain and provide it with a good workout. Debating topical issues with friends and family is a great way of exercising and stimulating the brain and oiling the thought processes.

As you get older, your brain needs more of these practices and mental exercises in order to keep it in shape longer. Studies have shown that people who continue to practice their hobbies, play music, read books, write journals or keep a blog, paint, or enter dance schools, maintain groups or clubs, and have routines or schedules to follow have less mental aging compared to others.

So to summarize, eat right, sleep right, stay positive and stay open and friendly to human interaction, and of course, practice, practice, practice will go a long way to ensure you improve mind power.

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