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Christina Ross is a CFO turned CEO, and I’m thrilled to have her and Mayfield partner Rajeev Batra on today’s TechCrunch Live. Her story is great. Prior to founding Cube, she ran finance at corporations and high-growth startups. In 2018 in a bid to provide a solution to CFOs who rely on spreadsheets but could benefit from modern data analysis, reporting and collaboration.

She quickly found that companies were desperate for this hybrid approach and was able to get paying customers even before having a working product. Cube was meeting people where they were and were able to build solutions to fit their needs. It’s a great topic regardless of what type of company you’re building.

I hope you can join today’s TechCrunch Live.  This is going to be a great conversation. TechCrunch Live records each Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. PST. It’s free to join, and if you watch the show on Hopin, you can ask the guests questions. Register here.

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