Another Pair, Jaypee, Lukay Evicted In Week 3

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A pair of housemates, Jay-Pee and Lukay, have been evicted from the ongoing reality TV show, Big Brother Titans, on Sunday night.

The pair was evicted in week three of the show that is currently captivating the African television viewers and beyond.

Five paired housemates were earlier nominated for the live eviction show.

Jay-Pee, a housemate from Lagos, Nigeria, said she had prepared long enough to be in the Big Brother House having attempted to make it to tbe show for five years and now, three weeks into the Big Brother Titans, she was evicted.

Lukay from South Africa, who usually exuded confidence, said he believed he has achieved his aim of getting into the House. He added that he has true feelings for Ipheleng, the South African beautiful housemate and hopes to take the relationship beyond the reality TV show.

The housemates remaining in the House are now 20 with four housemates of two pairs evicted so far.

The Big Brother Titans continues with more drama, twists, turns, situationships and climaxes in April, when the eventual winner will go home with $100,000 prize.

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