Are people sleeping on Liverpool to win the Premier League this season? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

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Gabriele Marcotti, Steve Nicol and Craig Burley joins ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas to answer fan questions during Extra Time.
0:00 Did Craig or Steve ever tell their managers to try a new formation when they played?
1:46 Are people sleeping on Liverpool this season due to their lack of big signings?
4:41 Will Real Madrid be able to make significant signings next summer?
5:39 What does Tottenham need to do to keep up momentum from beating Manchester City?
6:31 Which Milan team will finish higher in Serie A as things stand right now?
7:51 Who should partner with Virgil van Dijk on Liverpool’s defense?
8:10 Is the idea to replace financial fair play with salary caps a real solution?
9:45 Who had a better vacation: Dan Thomas or Gabriele Marcotti?

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29 thoughts on “Are people sleeping on Liverpool to win the Premier League this season? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

  1. Gave the show one last chance, and this one specifically since Laurans wasn't on it, but I just can't take these cornballs anymore. By, gents.

  2. As much as I would like Liverpool to win the premier league again (as a liverpool fan), we need to know that Liverpool did not spend big (like what Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea did) and look at the current results where Liverpool did not score as many goals as Manchester City did in a single match, thus we have to be realistic that perhaps Manchester City is much likelier to win the league unless Liverpool spends big again. Bring on someone who can turn on the magic (someone of Messi's calibre) and we can certainly say for sure Liverpool will be challenging for big honours this season. Why doesn't the Liverpool top management see that they need to spend big to win league titles ? I never liked Manchester City but look at how much they have spent over the last few seasons and the number of premier league titles they have won over the last few years, that says something. Money does bring in the titles.

  3. Said it before the season started that everybody is stupidly dismissing Liverpool because they don't seem to understand having half of your first team out for most of a season, having 19 different CB partnerships etc. Will make a difference. All good though because I got better odds for them winning the league this year.😁

  4. Hardly revolutionary that the team that won the league two season ago will compete again this season. No big signings?! Didn't they say the same about Mo, Mane, Jota, Gini, etc etc etc haha. Come on people, have we learnt nothing over the last 6 years?

  5. Liverpool don't have the squad depth to compete with City Chelski or Utd now. The team is ageing! Mane is nowhere near as fast and is finished as a winger. Sad but true! The injuries will come to Keita, Ox, Milner, Henderson and Matip and co sooner or later!

  6. Not sure about liverpool. Aren't they gonna lose some players (inc Salah in january) to the africans nations cup? And their replacements probably won't be the strongest either. They finish top 4 but not as champions.

  7. let's face it, huge pockets of England have an anti-Liverpool bias, for whatever reason be it socialism, Hillsboro, etc. they don't want to see Liverpool succeed at anything and would rather see it crack off and sink into the sea. and for this same reason, Scousers dgaf about Tory sympathising England either.

  8. The poor bench is the problem for LFC.
    The starting 11 is still fire and it's just a matter of time before they are firing on all cylinders:

    Mane Jota Salah
    Thiago Fab Henderson
    Robertson VVD Matip/Konate TAA

    The lack of signings can become a problem if we need to bring in a powerful substitute mid game or if injuries strike the starting 11.

  9. I dont know a lot about this channel, first time here. But the way these ego tripping dudes (specially the first one) is responding and acting towards the second guy, could not be worse. What a an ego and little dickhead!

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