Arsenal are AVERAGE, it's a complete DISASTER for Mikel Arteta – Frank Leboeuf | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti, Jurgen Klinsmann and Frank Leboeuf share their thoughts on Jose Mourinho and Tottenham’s impressive 2-0 win over Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal in the Premier League. Leboeuf believes the Gunners have become an average team, saying the state of Arsenal is disastrous for fans. Klinsmann says he doesn’t care about Mourinho’s style of play if they continue to produce results. Marcotti points out that it’s not easy to play effective counter-attacking football and credits Tottenham despite Arsenal’s “atrocious” play.

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20 thoughts on “Arsenal are AVERAGE, it's a complete DISASTER for Mikel Arteta – Frank Leboeuf | ESPN FC

  1. Look at Tottenham's goal difference.
    When it makes sense they'll score a hat full of goals.
    It's a long season.
    They'll be more Kane, Son, Bergwijn, Vinicius, Bale, Lucas, Lo Celso, … goals.

  2. Some people expect football to be like WWE. Playing for entertainment. I find it more like boxing, it's about winning, being effective. And boxing is entertaining because this aspect is very much appreciated. Wait for the right moment, dodge, dodge, one punch K.O…bam!!. That's how Jose plays.

  3. Klinsman saying that playing football like Spurs at home doesn't matter is a disgrace. Its an insult to football as a home team to have only six touches in the box of your opposition. Its anti-football and is a sign of our dying beauty in art and wider civilisation. Mourinho was basically saying i want a 0-0, but if we score we score, if we dont score we dont lose.

  4. Auba didnt score in half of the matches he is in last season, how us he even good, if i am arteta, i wont sign him, because from last season his performance is meh, he is old and plays like a sloth like luiz

  5. Nice piece of Masterrey from Jose, in a press conferrence prior the arsenal game,Jose callt Mikkel out saying arsenal will come the stadium and play borering football..what does Mikkel do,the opposite an attacks from word go..well played Jose COYS

  6. We are in an era where if results aren’t coming in, it’s becoming increasingly evident that the players are bigger than the club. Messi vs barca. Madrid decline since ronaldo left. Ozil sitting and waiting out arteta. Neymars influence in psg. Zlatan bringing Milan back from the grave. Even Pogba forcing Jose out, even though pogba is a bell end, because of his sheer talent he scored 2 goals in the last two games, and still wants to leave, and is by far the most talented player after Bruno. It’s clear that ole is out of his depth. The player, and in some fact, the player(s), finally have more influence than the club. And there are good things from that, as well as bad. But I think it’s about time the players get to have as much pull as their billion dollar owners

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