At least 174 killed in stampede at Indonesia soccer stadium | DW News

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Indonesian President Joko Widodo has ordered an investigation of a deadly stadium panic, after 174 football fans died at a stadium in the city of Malang on the island of Java.
Riot police fired tear gas at fans who streamed onto the pitch after a match between two Indonesian teams. The local chief of police said many of the deaths happened when spectators rushed for two exits while trying to escape from the stadium. Most were trampled, while some suffocated in the crush of people. It’s one of the deadliest stadium tragedies in modern history.


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20 thoughts on “At least 174 killed in stampede at Indonesia soccer stadium | DW News

  1. Similar to Argentina that football is treated as a belief for ultras Indonesia unless they don't yet have a football god such (the legend of legends and also praised in Indonesia) DIEGO MARADONA

  2. Indonesian people are very afraid of the Indonesian police because the Indonesian police are very cruel and cunning, corruption of the Indonesian police has become a common thing every day, there is no courage from the people for fear of being criminalized
    Police Indonesian is True very2 brutal and very arogan,

  3. These indon, got IQ of 0. Fighting and dying over rubber sphere, I understand if it's a barbaric sports like colosseum, gladiator thing. But then again this prolly happen cause some supporter on losing team lost their money on a bet and try to stir and provoke things up.

  4. Brutal bgt…ga bs salahin polisi.
    Ngrti .turun ke lapangan hancurin mobil polisi.lempar sana sini..chaos bgt..ujung nya berakhir tragedi
    Analoginya mirip kaya kita mau jarah mall..lalu chaos berebut keluar.sangkit padat kehabisan napas terinjak2 .

  5. I agree that the police is responsible for their poor response but at the same time it was really chaotic ! So many angry people coming at them at the same time… Some football's fan are just animal. Reacting like this just for a game ? Seriously ?

  6. Indonesian fans act like this when it comes to almost anything. They mass report Instagram accounts of winning teams for not only physical sports but eSports as well (Mobile Legends)

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