Best fit for Chelsea: Dembele, Raphinha, Ronaldo or Neymar? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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Cristina Alexander, Frank Leboeuf, Sid Lowe and Craig Burley answer your questions on ESPN FC Extra Time.

0:00 Craig wants Sid to cheer up
3:04 Who do Craig and Frank want Chelsea to sign up top?
5:54 Could Cristiano Ronaldo return to Real Madrid?
7:19 Frank doesn’t like the word nostalgia
8:06 Best Premier League fit for Diego Simeone?
11:26 Frank’s thoughts on Eric Cantona
16:11 Craig loved Vinnie Jones in Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
18:00 Thoughts on Lenglet to Tottenham?
21:52 What did Materazzi say to Zidane?

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42 thoughts on “Best fit for Chelsea: Dembele, Raphinha, Ronaldo or Neymar? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. Ronaldo will end up in lisbon… all for a few more CL goals so he can stay ahead of messi as the CL top scorer. No top team is taking Ronaldo as he doesn't fit with the tactical models of the very top teams in the current era.

  2. I said Ronaldo was holding his team back and everyone acted like I was insane even though it was clear as day.

    All he adds is a finishing touch, and while that’s good, it’s not worth disrupting an entire system for. People say “well Messi…” yeah but he adds distribution, link-up, creative services…it’s not the same.

    He was also being played wide right in his mid thirties by an inept manager.

  3. The fact they all agreed that Simeone would be a good fit for Utd and not Chelsea is unbelievable, they even compared his defensive style to mourinho’s on two occasions. Simeone’s style is Chelsea’s wet dream

  4. You have a spine full of key players that are allergic to the ball at their feet. How is Haag supposed to implement his Haag-Ball in such circumstances ?

    De Gea Maguire Wan-Bissaka Rashford McT Fred all of them are poor with the ball at their feet…they do have a bit of energy about them and like to get on and about the pitch (I'll give them that) but look at most of Liverpool's and Man City's XIs and notice the stark contrast.

    Some questions for him

    what happened Vs Everton ?

    why no league titles even after spending a billion ?

    why no champions League since 2008 ? Is it because of the introduction of VAR that Man United haven't won the league or UCL ?

    Why are no penalties awarded to Man United anymore ? what's the use of have them two in your squad then ?

    Man United's captain got relegated twice…Liverpool's won the player of the year when they won the league last around. Leciester City have a won a trophy more recently.

    Your academy's best player came through Man City. Your club's best manager was a former Liverpool captain.
    if your owners look at profits then how did man city post higher revenues than Man United

  5. Sterling, cr7, and dembele would be the best. Havertz will get plenty of minutes since Ronaldo shouldn’t play back 2 back games anyway. Either him or lewandowski. Chelsea need a big game striker and someone to set em up. Raheem as the 2nd highest scorer and doing his thing!!!

  6. Every time they talk about the old United teams around Craig Burley, I am hoping someone brings up that time in a 1996 FA Cup semi final where Burley attempted a volleyed backpass and gifted the ball for Beckham to score the winner. Chelsea scored first as well. I wonder what he'd say about that.

  7. Craig, Leboeuf, and Sid. The perfect combination to have me crying while attempting to eat. Burley and Frank remind me a lot of the two old guys in the Muppet Show, if they keep this up they are going to kill me :)))

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