Better replacement for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: Antonio Conte or Zinedine Zidane? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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Shaka Hislop, Don Hutchison and Jan Aage Fjortoft answer your latest questions on ESPN FC Extra Time, including:

0:00 What is Don’s percent chance that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stays on as Manchester United’s manager?
3:00 If Ole gets sacked, is Antonio Conte or Zinedine Zidane the more suitable replacement?
5:53 Is David de Gea back to his best?
7:20 Was Jamie Vardy’s goal vs. Manchester United a volley or a half-volley?
11:10 Should Chelsea go back to a back four in defense?
11:48 Least-favorite training drill?

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50 thoughts on “Better replacement for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: Antonio Conte or Zinedine Zidane? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. Conte at Man utd will be interesting. 😂😀😀😀. He will whack everyone and anyone , who will not listen to him.
    Mentally he is another Jose, infact he is Jose after 4 tequilas . But he is a winner and top top class coach.
    Erik ten hag would be ideal as Pochetino and Naglesmann are unavailable.

  2. Zidane is Madrid Legend, his heart belong to Madrid, so it is impossible if he want to coach united. Zidane maybe want to be Madrid Director or France's Coach. But if Cr7 convince zidane to coach united, zidane will create own goal against madrid in quarter final ucl 😁😁

  3. The same reason as I didn’t want Mourinho despite their capabilities. I don’t want Conte. If the choice is between Conte and Ole and only that, I’d pick Conte… but Conte plays polar opposite of what United is. We’re an attacking side team, that do let the players find the solution, but within a framework. There will always be defaults. I would have loved a Klopp… he refused back then, saying we were an adult Disneyland club… and he’s right! Thanks Glazers! Conte is proven, and I do respect his skills as a manager, but his style and the clubs are as far as it can be. I would rather roll the dice on Zidane. He’s the second highest decorated manager in Real Madrid, which is insane.. he’s certainly not flawless, but I think his style is suited better for United. Don’t think our defensive side will look better with him, but I do think we will have more ball possession and better opportunities in the final third.

  4. The new zidane is who dnt play fred and maguire when its against his former team and who know when to play a young striker insteed of a 37 yrs old ronaldo up in front like greenowod and sancho and rashford as rw an lw

  5. Good managers fail at United coz they don’t get the right players in. Zidane has 2 of his best (Varane, Ronaldo) and the one he always wanted (Pogba). Probably be happy with Bruno, Donny. Come on! It makes sense!

  6. Please stop saying he's a legend, he's more a hero after CL 99 and was a frequent sub, he's a yes man for the owners but no way is he worthy of the job he's in. No, no Conte.

  7. I vote to keep Ole at Man U. Keeps the Premier League interesting. The bottom half teams needs some win in their "W" column. 😈😂😅😄😆
    Arsenal and Tottenham are happy. This keeps the news and headlines off them.

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