BREAKING: New plans for 80-team EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE announced

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A new-look, open European Super League could contain up to 80 teams in a multi-divisional format, the competition’s chief executive has said.




37 thoughts on “BREAKING: New plans for 80-team EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE announced

  1. I dont understand why people are angry with this. Premier league is more balanced than the other leagues because of the closer level between the teams. Other leagues dont have this benefit, like Bayern who always wins everything and doesnt get a real challenge. A super league would be awesome for the spanish, german and french football mostly

  2. It is absolutely inevitable that one day the Premier League (if it still exists and isn't changed back into being a new Division 1 of the EFL), will end up being a feeder league to all European league and eventually world league football later this century. All separate country's top flight leagues will lose their potential and act just as feeder leagues into the higher European leagues. Whether we are in the EU or not, it makes no difference. Everybody will still want the Likes of Manchester United and Liverpool in there or it will lose its appeal.

    I can guarantee, you could look back at this YouTube comment in 2040 which I am currently writing now in 2023 and you'll very likely see I'm turning out to be correct. Everything changes and evolves through time. It's just natural and eventually all the fans will be the ones who have their arms twisted into actually wanting it. Maybe not right now, but in any given amount of years time it's completely unstoppable.

  3. Lol EPL and Sky are worried cause now if the super league happens without english teams it would be direct competition so meaning who will i choose to watch liverpool vs Man u in Epl and uefa or real madrid vs psg 🤭🤭 also German, France, Spain, Holland, Italy have good soccer brands teams they just need money from super league imagine ajax joining super league and getting money to buy top players or keep them. i love this super league i hope they play three games home, away and neutral venue, super league can as well add teams from Brazil, Asia, Africa, USA etc

  4. Yes European football is under threat. The threat comes from Barcelona, Real Madrid , Juventus and their greed. If you are unhappy with the UEFA Cups then stay home we don't need you ir your greed. You drove the player costs to insane levels and put yourselves in financial trouble. We the rest of Europe should not have to bail you out. Your clubs ruined football and celebrated glory that they did not have the money to cover. If these clubs went under the rest of us would not care 1 bit. Take your Super League home with you, we don't want it. We thought we made that clear the first time.

  5. "clubs with glorious european traditions are unable to compete" … they're not struggling to compete.. they died a long time ago when they became just another way to make the minor elite classes: money

  6. I don't understand the need for a esl. If the main factor for why the prem is so much more successful then other euro leagues is competition within the league, then shouldn't they instead fix their own individual leagues?

    If the leagues had stricter rulings on wages and team spending it would allow the lower teams to catch up over time and improve competition. As an American, I follow MLS. While euro leagues are on a completely different level from MLS, one factor I enjoy is how much more balanced rosters are over here.

    The stricter rules for team spending keeps it a lot more even. We have no giants over here. With the stricter spending limits, a team can be at the bottom one year and then win the league the next year with a few roster changes.

    Sounds to me like the big clubs in Italy and Spain don't want to actually improve the sport in their countries. They just want to sit at the top and get richer.

  7. it's only a matter of time before it starts and if it works, the big 6 teams in England will find leave the premier league as the money would be too great…unless the Premier league change there elites club monopoly ( utd, arsenal, Liverpool who want a none competitive league)… Teams like City Newcastle , Chelsea will move to the super league if they are not allowed to compete

  8. theyre gettin rid of league football to an extent. 20 top/biggest clubs in league 1, next 20 in league 2 and so on until league 4. home and away, relegation. national league football will exist for smaller clubs trying to get into l4 through a playoff system.. itll be a massive change but the world is changing and football fans will just have to accept it. the billionaires are going win and honestly it might be interesting.

  9. If the English, German clubs and PSG don't join. This superleague is just going to be La Liga 2.0. Basically a duelpoly. The Italian clubs Juventus, Ac Milian and inter Milan aren't going to invest in players as much as Barcelona and Real Madrid. Each year it will be Barcelona and Real Madrid lifting a trophy.

  10. All the EPL English fans are against this because they know if the European Super League comes to fruition, all the best foreign players will want to leave the Premier League and join any of the clubs that participate in the ESL because of the lucrative money. they're afraid the EPL will become irrelevant again like it was 30 years ago.

  11. lol comcast corp (sky owners) only hate on the super league because they wont get the rights.. Ironic because sky was responsible for creating the premiere league in 92

  12. Unfortunately as it stands the premier league has become such a dominant behemoth that most mainland European leagues cannot compete due to team inequality and viewership difficulties, so they’d have to come up with something to actually rival it. What I’m saying is, is that this was inevitable the moment the Premier league became the most popular league in Europe by miles.

  13. Why don't these mega rich owners create their own football brand. Form a new governing body similar to FIFA.
    Create new teams
    Build a new league
    And the new teams can purchase players from the FIFA brand, to play for them in their new super league.

    Or why not create a B team.
    And one season a player can play in the new super league. And the following season return back to playing in the current league.

  14. Thing is its just barca Real and Juve being jealous of Prem lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂 we are the super league lol its not our issue that barca are poorly run and Madrid can't compete with the Rich clubs (Ironic lol considering Madrid used to do same thing) 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. I love how these predators attempt to justify this as anything other than a gigantic wealth grab for themselves at the expense of football. The word “sustainable” is now synonymous with evil manipulations.

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