BREAKING: On-Site video of Indonesia's soccer match stampede killing at least 129

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Indonesian police said on Sunday (October 2) that 129 people had died and 180 were injured after a stampede following crowd trouble at a soccer match in the province of East Java overnight.

After the match between Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya had ended, supporters from the losing team had invaded the pitch and police had fired tear gas, triggering a stampede and cases of suffocation, East Java police chief Nico Afinta told reporters.

Footage showed people rushing onto the pitch in the stadium in Malang and injured fans being carried from the stadium.

The Indonesian top league BRI Liga 1 has suspended games for a week following the match that Persebaya won 3-2 and an investigation has been launched, the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) said.

There have been previous outbreaks of trouble at matches in Indonesia, with a strong rivalry between clubs sometimes leading to violence between supporters.

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35 thoughts on “BREAKING: On-Site video of Indonesia's soccer match stampede killing at least 129

  1. Armenian ! So this is a man made riots isn't it connected with the war going on in Armenia and Azerbaijan. May be , investigation should be done . Who first started and who all supported, are these people paid for promoting the riots on the field , to bring down the blame on the government .

  2. the regulations are reckless, the fans are crazy and barbaric, the broadcasters are crazy about ratings, the committee is mercenary, the police don't understand the rules.

  3. this is not a tragedy, a tragedy is something unexpected happens, this is as predictable as they come, this isn't sport this is a hooliganism in its purest, i feel sorry for the kids though

  4. If you check the history you'll find a malaysian football team escorted in military vehicles like tank to the airport when they beat indonesia in gbk stadium. These indonesian especially javanese has primitive mindset. Everyone else is wrong, they will never admitted wrong even if you show facts. So now you know how these indonesian mind is and why microsoft list them as the most toxic people in social media.

  5. They blame the police for everything. Like they made them go out into the field to attack players, made them throw objects at innocent bystanders, and made them flip over police cars before deploying tear gas. Stupid.

  6. Persibaya vs Arema FC victory is a record for Persibaya because Persibaya has never won against Arema FC for 23 years at the Kanjuruhan Stadium. But Arema FC supporters did not accept this defeat and riots broke out and the inability of the police to handle the riots resulted in many casualties

    Terjemahan langsung

  7. security should be evaluated. The use of tear gas clearly violates and is prohibited by FIFA regulations. they fired tear gas into the stands which were full of women and children. even though the commotion is in the field

  8. Tragically, the same thing could have happened in Europe 3 weeks ago. More precisely in Romania at a football match U Craiova 1948 – Rapid 1923 final score 1-0. Unfortunately in Romania everything is corrupt from the press to the state leaders. And Rapid 1923 is always a team against this corrupt system. Brief story: The bus of the guest team Rapid 1923 was sold by supporters of the rival team U Craiova 1948. During the match, a steward of the U Craiova 1948 team wanted to steal a bener of the Rapid 1923 team right in front of the fans. And their other forces of order (of Craiova) were already armed with batons and tear gas sprays in front of the Rapid 1923 supporters.

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