Bullet Energy B’ball: First Bank, Air Warriors Lead Teams to Asaba 

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The teams listed for the March 2023 Bullet Energy Drink Basketball invitational tournament have been announced in Lagos by the organisers.

The teams are the reigning champions First Bank, MFM, Tap Queens, War Queens, Peace Academy and Impression Basketball. The other teams are Divine Speed, Discover, Delta Force, Black Gold and Air Warriors.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Bullet Energy Drink worldwide, Harmeet Ahuja, has enjoined the teams in the competition to arrive in Asaba with all optimism as the competition would be one of fun for the ladies.

His message was delivered in Nigeria by the CEO of the Sam Oguche Foundation who are the organisers of the competition.

“The last time we played in Lagos, it was a combined competition for the men and women but it is something very different in Asaba and so promises to be special.

“Bullet Energy Drink has been very committed to the game of basketball and the CEO (Ahuja) has made it very clear that it is not going to be different this time and wishes the clubs well as they compete in Asaba,” Sam Oguche, a former national guard who heads the Foundation told the media in Lagos.

The tournament will take the tip off as soon as the country rounds off with the gubernatorial election in the various states of the federation. The schedule has been tweaked a little and will now hold from March 14 to 19 for comfort and team safety reasons.

Last month the organisers and sponsors announced N2million as the cash prize for the winners. The runners-up will take home N1million in the week-long tournament while the third-placed team gets N500,000.

Apart from the trophy and cash prizes, the teams are always paid subsidies and other bonuses. First Bank club won the last competition held in Lagos last November.

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