Business at the End of the World How to Make Millions Selling Bunkers

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181 Business at the End of the World How to Make Millions

While some people wait for the end of the world and don’t give it any thought, others are making a ton of money from it. We show you how underground shelters work and what they cost.

Rising S Company sells underground bunkers in preparation for the end, at any price. According to the Texas-based manufacturer, sales of bunkers underground have soared by between 500% and 700% since Trump’s election.

According to the company, bunkers are steel structures that extend more than three meters below the ground. They can be used in case of natural disasters, nuclear attack, or other apocalyptic scenarios. Anyone can place containers on the ground, and then sell them to others. Rising S Company CEO Gary Lynch told Business Insider that security is what Rising S sells.

Rising S Company declined to disclose more details about its profit figures. It stated that it had made sales of between $ 9 and $ 14 millions in 2016, which is a large margin. Lynch anticipates that the company will sell 200 shelters in 2016.

Let’s take a look inside to see the most loved models of Rising S Company.

It is difficult to turn on the news these days without feeling the end of the world.

Two hurricanes swept through the United States within a month. A magnitude 8.2 earthquake struck Mexico and fires broke out across Canada, Oregon and Montana. According to official sources, 150 people have died since September 11.

There is a growing awareness that the world is ending now. This should be encouraging. An increasing number of Americans are taking preventative measures in the face a possible future apocalypse.

People are stocking up on food, learning how to shoot and purchasing massive underground shelters to protect their entire communities in the wake of recent North Korean natural disasters.

Rising S Company was founded in 1987 as a manufacturer and distributor of storm shelters.

Clyde Scott, the owner of the shelter, approached a woman about building a larger shelter. It measured 40 feet in length and had all the amenities of home.

Scott shared his desire for all the amenities, including bathrooms, sinks and camera systems. “It wasn’t a storm shelter that I wanted but a survival shelter,” Scott said to Dazed.

To start his bunker business, Lynch used $ 3,000,000 from his storm shelter company. It has been a profitable venture that has kept him busy for the past 25 years. Lynch, its CEO, said that the company’s client list included professional athletes, tech moguls and politicians, as well as celebrities. Scott revealed to Dazed and Confused magazine he is currently building luxury bunkers for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Rising S Company produces all its bunkers on ships in Texas.

According to the company’s website, they are made from steel and covered with special rubber that prevents the elements from oxidizing and corroding the structure.

Rising S Company installs, builds, and delivers the units without any outside contractors.

Buyers may choose to dig in their own backyards or in remote areas.

Buckets are usually located 10 feet below the ground, or more. They are covered with more than 1 meter earth and nearly half a meter concrete. Lynch stated that the bunker could provide protection against a nuclear attack.

Lynch stated to Business Insider that despite the rhetoric from North Korea, people are worried about nuclear war. “A nuclear war is unpleasant. It doesn’t matter whether you are the world’s most powerful or the most insignificant person.

Bunkers may also be used during extreme flooding. However, Rising S Company doesn’t recommend that you enter a shelter that could sink in a flood.

It is hard to reach the hatch underwater and there is no escape route in case of emergency. Rising S Company suggests that people who live in flood-prone areas and are subject to storms locate their bunkers indoors or on very high ground.

Lynch stated that a Houston family called the company following the devastating floods of Hurricane Harvey. He said that they had told him their bunker saved their lives.

Lynch advises against the use of a bunker when there is flooding

Most bunkers can be accessed via stairs. This is an example of an entry from a family residence.

They are available to move in, but they are not furnished. Lynch stated that people should consider their bunker as an extension of their home. Encourage buyers to decorate it as they wish.

Bunkers come in a variety of sizes and prices. The smallest model, which measures just 9m2, costs $ 39.500, and is the most affordable. It includes two cabins, a kitchenette, and a bathroom.

The largest bunker is 46m2 in size and costs $ 122,500. It includes two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and separate living area.

The biggest difference between the bunker dwelling and the bunker is the lack of windows.

Solar energy allows large electrical appliances to operate at 3 meters depth.

Buyers have the option of eco-friendly dry toilets or tanks that use water.

Rising S Company offers survival training as part of the bunker price. This allows people to know which food is best to keep in an emergency, and how to ration them.

Lynch did not release any details about the luxury bunker Rising S Company is allegedly creating for Kanye West or Kim Kardashian.

Scott however teased Dazed magazine earlier in the year that the magazine would likely have an indoor swimming pool.

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