Can Barca win the Champions League? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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In today’s rendition of ESPN FC Extra Time, the panel discusses…

0:00 Extra Time
0:35 Did anyone miss a plane?
5:44 Biggest cry baby they’ve ever played with or against
9:12 Their favorite athlete from their country
12:09 Will Jan be at the US Open?
13:25 The best atmosphere at an away stadium
15:27 Can Barca win the Champions League?
16:09 Who would you wager money on to win the World Cup
17:39 How much time left does Rodgers have being Leicester’s manager?

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44 thoughts on “Can Barca win the Champions League? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. They are on a roll BUT

    Rayo: good opponent = tie
    Real Sociedad: good opponent = win
    Valladolid: 17th in la liga = win
    Sevilla: struggling 16th in la liga = win
    Viktoria Plzen: different class
    Cadiz: Last la liga = win

    So in the schedule, aside from struggling Sevilla, only 2 opponents should give Barca a hard time, Rayo and Real Sociedad, and they are 1-1-0

    So lets see how they do with Bayern mid week

  2. Of course La liga,Copa del rey y Campions ala Luis Enrique with Messi,Neymar,Suarez,Xavi Hernandez as a player Iniesta por fin 2023 ✅ Barcelona 1,Man City 2,PSG 3, Real Madrid 4 best chances

  3. Realistically, the best managed team will win which makes Spurs, Real Madrid and Man City as favourites although Spurs have a slight edge with a better defence.

  4. Craig said no they can't win you really the biggest barca hater on espn your opinion about barca won't matter as long as you continue to hate barca like this

  5. Why does gab always says the opposite. Every squad invests so much every season, it's not only lieceters' owners. You have to bring in someone, someone. If not then don't start giving players away. Not much fault of rodgers

  6. Dan is going to be banned at all gourmet restaurants in the UK for slandering one of the top chefs in the country!!!! He better watch himself, you know how Scots get when you insult them someone who is not well known like Dan himself!!!!!

  7. Can Barca win the CL? Yes. Will they? Yes. World Cup winner? I've got a feeling it's Argentina but I'd rather a Euro team won it all, like Espana. Lewy will lead Poland to an upset victory over Messi and Argentina in group stage… ok, perhaps not, shouldn't have fired that excellent Portuguese coach.

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