Canada vs Mexico in snowy Edmonton: Fair play or taking gamesmanship too far? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop, Steve Nicol and Frank Leboeuf answer your tweets in Extra Time, including:
0:00 If Canada went too far by scheduling its match in Edmonton vs. Mexico?
0:56 Does Stevie ever regret not managing in Scotland or in the Premier League?
2:56 With Edouard Mendy leaving to playing in the African Nations Cup, will Chelsea be fine with Kepa Arrizabalaga?
3:43 What was the most controlling thing a manager did during the pundits’ playing careers?
8:50 Which club would Shaka play for in a legends tournament?
9:03 Did the guys ever have to deal with fans running on to the pitch?
12:57 Frank, who was the team DJ during your career?

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48 thoughts on “Canada vs Mexico in snowy Edmonton: Fair play or taking gamesmanship too far? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

  1. I came from Asia where soccer was very corrupt in the 90s and early 2000s. I don't know if it has changed. Back then the home team will ALWAYS get ONE or even TWO PENALTIES, if they missed the first one, while the away team never gets a penalty no matter what. It was called Fair Play back then.

  2. The cold did not influence anything, we cannot deny that Canada has improved a lot in football just by looking at their squad you realize that they are a good team, I hope we play with them in the World Cup 🇩🇪🇨🇦

  3. Every team should use it's environment to it's advantage. Visiting teams and fans should just be happy that in Canada we don't pull fire alarms in the players hotel in the middle of the night.

  4. Playing in extreme heat, in high altitude is fair but playing in the cold is suddendly unfair??? Canada is not a power house in soccer and probably will never be one so just accept the final result and move on to the next game. Give credit to Canada for their resilience. Go 🇨🇦 Go. No matter if we qualify or not, this team deserve our respect and support.

  5. nah, you're trying to make a controversy out of nothing!
    and i don't have a skin in this game, if we (Germany) could, we would probably play aswell in very cold areas or somewhere far up in the mountains. Everyone who can get an advantage does it.

  6. Im not sure how scheduling works but someone gave canada a home game during their cold season. That is the climate of the country this time of year. They are also playing 2 home games in late January and no matter where that game is it will be just as cold if not colder

  7. It was only -14C not -34C and easier than +40C at high altitude imo. A good base layer and -14C is fine. 40C? You can only take off so many layers to cool off. If Canada wanted to make it difficult they would have held this game 3000 km north of Edmonton near the North Pole. This was 'fair play' and as the saying goes 'what goes around comes around'.

  8. Fair game. It’s called home advantage. You go to Bolivia and play in the oxygen-thin high altitude mountain-top air. Or you go to Atlantis and it’s underwater soccer 😂

  9. Why is this even a question?
    1.  It's Canada. What sort of weather were you expecting?
    2. Where does Canada have to play when they're in Mexico? At altitude in the baking sun.
    3. Canadians don't throw all-night parties outside the hotels of visiting teams or pull the fire alarms to keep them up all night. We don't throw rocks at their buses. We don't throw bags of urine at opposing players. We don't aim lasers at their goal keepers when they're trying to save a penalty.
    Asking this question is absolute stupidity.

  10. Canada has to go to Aztec Stadium in altitude and heat. The Caribbean team schedules their games at mid-day to play in the heat. Canada used its advantage for once.

  11. Canada a 1st world country playing on shitty Frozen turf field really trying to compare itself to shitty fields in countries with a smaller gdp than Toronto? No one's complaining about the weather but using a shitty field on purpose is whack.

  12. Mexico National team pisses me off. The fact that they have some of our good American players who chose Mexico over USA and the simple fact that they choose not to play them is mind blowing. What? Is it cause they play in MLS and they came from Our U.S. youth product and not from Liga MX they don’t want to call them up? Hello Efra is a monster iv seen him play also The other guy in Galaxy I forgot his name tbh. Not to mention Chicharito as well. Good. They deserve that loss. I was really happy the Efra and Aurujo and David choose mex over USA but at this point they might as well try and switch back here. Cause from the looks of it they are not gonna call them up. It was all a lie the hole time

  13. Fair play – I loved every second of it. Gooooooooo Canada!!!
    Here in the US we cater to the Mexicans and schedule games in cities with large Mexican populations. Glad to see Canada with an advantage.

  14. I don’t see what’s unfair about scheduling the match in Edmonton in November. The conditions were the same for both sides. I don’t think that it was pleasant for the Canadian players either. Besides, compared to some of the things I have seen Canadian players and fans endure when travelling to Central America, I think that the Mexicans can hardly complain about the weather.

  15. Unless I'm mistaken, BOTH teams play in the same conditions. So what is the point? I'm from Northern Quebec. Our BODIES are not more evolved to handle the cold. We just DRESS for it. When everybody is wearing summer clothing, It's ALL THE SAME!
    Most of us just KNOW what to expect from the cold and can live with it better. That doesn't mean that we don't FEEL its effects.
    It's like winter driving scenes between the USA and Canada. We aren't better drivers, we just buy WINTER tires.

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