Canadian women's soccer in crisis: how did it get this bad? | About That

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The Canadian national women’s soccer team says Canada Soccer is treating them unfairly. Andrew breaks down the dispute that’s been going on for years and what it means ahead of this summer’s Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

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27 thoughts on “Canadian women's soccer in crisis: how did it get this bad? | About That

  1. I'll watch women's soccer over men's any day of the week. While the men are taking acting classes on dives women are pulling themselves up from a hit with bloody noses and getting right back into it. 1000% better football from our women's team.

  2. Let them all walk. Cancel the program. Most of if not all the ladies on the team got u.s. scholarships. An education isn’t t enough for them. If they are so great they should start there own league.

  3. Anyone who says these ladies are looking for a handout has clearly never watched them played. They deserve the respect and funding. They won a gold medal…. How does this not deserve funding

  4. Billions watched the Mens World Cup that brought in money and players made less on percentage then the woman’s and they are still complaining pure feminist men & woman are not equals bring in the crowds then you can speak 👍🏻

  5. Plenty of interesting comments, here, which can be rebutted by watching the video, above. Keep in mind, folks, this is about Canadian national teams, not the commercial teams these players work for on the regular. All this "Ohhh, if as many people watched women" yadda, yadda, is idiotic. How many people watched the gold medal Olympic match vs. people who watched the CPL championship, dudes? This is about developing soccer in Canada (as stated in the video… pause and rewind every so often if you miss the major points). The big question is, by leveraging the success of the women's national team, who is making money? Where is the money going? It's a simple question, which nobody wants to answer. Does the relationship between Soccer Canada and CSB stink, and does it benefit soccer in Canada? A more complex question, and nobody wants to answer. Follow the bouncing dollar signs, people.

  6. Sorry, but if you were treated equally you would have even less money. Start a league, sell tickets and collect the profits. You’re only expecting tax payers to pay for women to pay for soccer where the men’s team makes money without or less tax payer money.

    In general, my thoughts of government in sports, it should be all out. It’s a recreational pastime ! People who want to play pay for sports which they can afford.

    Don’t go to the events, strike!

  7. Janine Beckie is obviously not afraid of a fight – respect. The CWNT’s battle for fairness has tremendous support in the US. See you at the World Cup.

  8. I don’t think the problem is that there isn’t equal pay in general. The CWNT hasn’t complained as much about this before, it’s the fact that they have been cut funding in lead-up to the World Cup. They now don’t have the resources to properly prepare for it. That’s the problem.

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