Champions League Final: X-Factors, predictions & future favorites! | ESPN FC Extra Time

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ESPN FC Extra Time is LIVE from Paris, France ahead of the 2021-22 Champions League final.
0:00 Introductions from France.
0:30 Who will be the X-Factor in the Champions League Final?
2:20 What to make of Erling Haaland’s transfer to Manchester city.
3:45 Another start, bench or sell question!
5:30 Italian clubs set to challenge for the UCL in the coming years?
7:40 Kevin De Bruyne going down in history.
9:00 Alexis’ love for Manchester United.
11:00 Franck Kessie’s role for Barcelona.
12:45 Paris food or Italian food in London?
14:00 Gab’s favorite gelato?
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21 thoughts on “Champions League Final: X-Factors, predictions & future favorites! | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. Imagine city were favourites to win the champions league since the beginning, but when Liverpool are in the final they aren't favourites? What is this absolute bias and underestimation from rival fans. Wake up and smell the roses, we are coming home with the 7th. YNWA ❤

  2. You need to just start keeping it real and letting Gab wear a tank top or "vest" as some call it and letting him carry an "uncle towel" as they say in the States. He is an Italian, living in London, who perspires like an American.

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