Chelsea, Manchester City and PSG’s transfer window activity | ESPN FC

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Shaka Hislop, Julien Laurens and Craig Burley assess all the latest confirmed and reported transfer rumors around the soccer world.

0:00 Erling Haaland linked with Chelsea.
1:33 Gianluigi Donnarumma’s move from AC Milan to PSG.
2:00 PSG’s potential starting XI.
3:20 PSG, Manchester City and Chelsea’s transfer window activity.
5:10 The pressure on PSG this season under Mauricio Pochettino.
Chelsea, Manchester City and PSG’s transfer window activity | ESPN FC
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45 thoughts on “Chelsea, Manchester City and PSG’s transfer window activity | ESPN FC

  1. Am wandering what Chelsea are waiting for just go forward with the money if they will reject it don't rely on what you have now n relax cos most of the teams are sealing they're leakage if u really know your weak point as u need striker than anything just go all out for it n stop this kind of rumors tired of it

  2. Usually Dortmund are smart and shrewd when they buy and sell players at a high profit. But to reject even a 100mil and players for halaand now is so stupid when he’ll go for 70m next summer.

  3. I find it funny that English fans went out and protested and did all the work for UEFA while the president (Ceferin) is chillin smoking cigars with PSG's owner. Why do you think "financial fair play" is "non-existent" this summer for them?

  4. If the owner of Chelsea MR A wants him, he will get him. Look how much he paid for strikers last 10 years. $200 mill is nothing for his Empire. He spends it on diesel for his ships.

  5. Stop bragging about what Mbappe does in the French Ligue 1 for PSG.
    The quality of Ligue 1 is not the best to say it carefully.
    PSG managing not to win it last season was hilarious.
    How is it possible for PSG to not win that one?
    It is like a top 4 Premier League first team starting XI playing against their under 18 team.
    And now PSG are getting all sorts of top players to make sure they will not lose it again.
    PSG is a gathering of greedy players that only care about how much they earn and not so much more.

  6. City have already banked the £20M for Angelino, £11M for Nmecha. £11M+ for Sancho and £11M for Jack Harrison plus others and it's likely Jesus and Bernardo will go for close to £100M but there is always an anti Arab "Oil Money" narrative with City. City spend everything that comes in on players. The owners don't take a penny out of the club.

  7. £150 million for Haarland doesn't make financial sense. Am glad Roman and Chelsea hasn't made the move. We won the Champions league without him, so I don't think we need an economically overhyped player. Slashing such money for just one player isn't what Chelsea needs. It would be best if we go for Dembele from Baca or Grezeman

  8. He meant a natural striker. It gets easier to defend the front 3 because. we dont have the height. No one is there to head the ball fro crosses. CL teams know how to defend a "crossless" team.

  9. Quite a starting lineup for PSG now. Easily top 5 in Europe. And if Mbappe stays, he's the only French (as first language) speaker in the starting 11. Chelsea are lucky to have ownership from Russia, one that's always willing to spend to win (from Russia with love I guess).

  10. psg abs stacked potential cl winners, ancelotti the manger you want to keep the dressing room happy you saw it at real w the big egos but the donnarumma thing i jut dont see it. Sure the guy put on a show at the euros but the prior clubs he wasnt it so lets see

  11. It's only clubs backed by oil companies doing the big signings these days. City psg chelsea are SURELY breaking ffp rules but uefa gots their pockets full so 🤷🏽‍♂️ makes you think how they can spend so much when we have been through the pandemic last yr and there were no fans in the stadiums. Where did the money come from??? Dont tell me it all came from tv rights. Something is fishy

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