Chinese soccer team's corruption! It turned into World Cup “construction team” and pain for fans

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The Qatar World Cup opened on Nov. 20th, 2022. The Chinese men’s soccer team failed to enter the Game. Yet, the Chinese government and its central media outlets took the opportunity, that is a globally watched sporting event, to praise the “omnipresence of Chinese elements in the World Cup”, hoping to cultivate and inspire patriotism or love for the party. But this propaganda campaign has provoked a lot of public resentment.
Speaking of corruption, a news story recently broke out. On November 12th, 2022, it was revealed that Li Tie, the former head coach of the Chinese men’s soccer team, has been “missing” to this day. According to the Chinese newspaper “Football”, the department that took Li away was the discipline inspection department of the General Administration of Sports. Moreover, Li is not the only person taken away as many big names in the soccer industry are also said to have been investigated at the same time.
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23 thoughts on “Chinese soccer team's corruption! It turned into World Cup “construction team” and pain for fans

  1. China has never been good in team work sports. Even Cricket they got more training from top teams but still bottom tier. Hockey also they are just there. They have only been good in individual games.

  2. LOL don't worry, China. Look at the Philippines! Filipinos have been playing Basketball since before black players were in the NBA, but even today are not a Basketball powerhouse in the International Stage. You just be happy with ping-pong, we be happy with billiards.

  3. viet is the real culprit corrupted football association in asia. funny how fifa didnt even notice the obvious. china is not even a quater the corruption of the viets. all in asia knows this

  4. In China, you have to bribe a coach to send your child to a game. That's the norm across the country. As with politicians, Chinese footballers rise to the rank of representatives whose families have bribed them the most

  5. What do the kids play on the streets and in the allotments out the back? They just need to find a game they are good at and stick with it. Ping pong maybe?

  6. Korea vs Japan China National Team (Total Match Wins and Goals)

    Korea 42 wins 92 goals
    Japan 16 wins 33 goals
    Korea 21 wins 41 goals
    China 2 wins 4 goals

    U14~U23 Korea vs Japan China National Team (Total Match Wins and Goals)

    Korea 75 wins 193 goals
    Japan 25 wins 61 goals
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