‘Christians’ participation in politics will make Nigeria experience God-fearing leadership’

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By Seyi Sokoya



CHRISTIANS across the country have been advised to be actively involved in partisan politics in order to redirect the country unto God’s path through fairness, equity and justice.

This was the submission of the Chaplain of Precious Cornerstone University, Dr Sola Ajibulu, during his first chaplaincy seminar held at the university auditorium located at Olaogun, Ibadan, Oyo State, last Wednesday.

The seminar with the theme: “Christians Participation in Politics: God’s Will or Vain Ambition?” addressed the role of Christians in Nigeria’s politics and the many challenges Christians face in political involvement.

During his address, Ajibulu disclosed that politics is a calling for some Christians to serve in the political arena, adding that such Christians should only project exemplary qualities as true Christians and not flaunt their religious offices.

Speaking on the reasons Christians should be involved in politics, Ajibulu noted that “Christians live in society and it is absurd for them to alienate themselves from the way society is organised and ordered. Christian leadership is exemplary in nature.

“Christians cannot stay aloof, expecting others to solve societal problems, and be willing to benefit from solutions provided. The Biblical leadership triangle of spirituality, servanthood and transformation is for a Christian to serve with the fear of God, selflessly, and provide meaningful change.

“Love is the emblem of Christianity. There is an implicit faith in the dignity and worth of every person. Genuine Christians in politics who wear the emblem of love can truly care for people and bring smiles to their faces. Christians are supposed to be the light of the world and there is no better place to shine the light than in the dark arena of politics.”



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