Climate Change and Malnutrition: Many Channels for Impact, Many Opportunities to Act

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Climate change is affecting malnutrition rates around the world through multiple channels. In regions experiencing historic levels of drought, like the Horn of Africa, millions are suffering from near-famine. Elsewhere, climate change is increasing the incidence of diseases that contribute to malnutrition. Climate change can also diminish the nutritional value of crops, and climate change can affect families’ livelihoods, reducing their incomes and making nutritious foods less affordable.

How is the global community of governments, philanthropies, and NGOs responding to these challenges? In what ways did COP27 acknowledge these relationships, and what work lies ahead for 2023? And in what ways could improving access to nutritious foods be good for the climate?

Please join the CSIS Global Food Security Program on December 7 at 12:00pm as we welcome UNICEF’s Rania Dagash-Kamara, USAID’s Gillian Caldwell, GAIN’s Jessica Colston, and CEO of the Eleanor Crook Foundation William Moore for this timely discussion.

This event is made possible through the generous support of the Eleanor Crook Foundation.

CSIS is a vaccinated facility. All staff have been fully vaccinated to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We ask that guests be fully vaccinated if attending events onsite to reduce potential risk of exposure in our facility.



CEO, Eleanor Crook Foundation

Chief Climate Officer and Deputy Assistant Administrator, USAID

Environmental Technical Lead, GAIN

Deputy Regional Director, Eastern and South Africa, UNICEF

CSIS Experts

Director, Global Food Security Program

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