Could a Serie A club win the Champions League within the next 5 years? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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Kay Murray, Steve Nicol, Craig Burley and Alessandro Del Piero answer your questions on ESPN FC Extra Time.

0:00 Steve doesn’t like Craig’s jacket and tie combo
0:50 How can Serie A become competitive again?
1:47 Will Craig get into golf like Gareth Bale?
3:18 How would Stevie manage Liverpool to finish top 4?
4:44 % chance a Serie A club wins UCL in next five years?
9:47 What is success for Juventus this season?
10:49 Best stadium atmosphere you’ve experienced?
15:11 When Ale got cheered by Real Madrid fans

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34 thoughts on “Could a Serie A club win the Champions League within the next 5 years? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. These lot are just a reality show, nothing of substance, these lot have been slagging off prem teams but hey, as long as la liga and bunda are doing well hey every thing else is just for click bait. F O H

  2. I think the big difference is Real Madrid and Barcelona as well as the German clubs is that spending didn't come from Oil Trade Daddy's pockets.

  3. Who cares if they win a stupid league competition..just like who cares if which English club wins local games ?? IT WILL ALWAYS BE THEIR LOCAL PROBLEM..Y SHOULD THE WORLD CARE ABOUT ENGLISH OR ITALIAN OR SPANISH SUPERIORITY AFTER ALL EVERYONE ENDS SIX FEET UNDER GROUND 😡😡😡😡…an attempt to ascertain their superiority..y don't u discuss who would be the African or asian champions ….check world viewership for meaningless club competition to world cup perhaps then you will organise world cup once every two years .and y would a footballer playing not working earn in millions ?

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