Could Brendan Rodgers turn Manchester United around? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

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Shaka Hislop, Don Hutchison and Frank Leboeuf answer your latest questions:

0:00 How good is this West Ham side?
1:50 If West Ham makes top four, would that convince Declan Rice to stay at the club?
4:00 What position would David Moyes have Manchester United this season?
5:35 How high will Shaka have West Ham in his power rankings?
6:50 Will Arsenal finish ahead of Manchester United this season?
7:20 Would Brendan Rodgers succeed at Man United?
11:00 Who’s getting relegated from the Premier League?

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41 thoughts on “Could Brendan Rodgers turn Manchester United around? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

  1. Brendan Rodgers 🤣 that man is passed it
    Look into some of the young german managers and even someone like Potter.
    Stop looking for managers who are past their sell by date

  2. Rodgers did okay at Liverpool for couple seasons and setup the team for Kloppto take over. I'm sure he can do that same at Utd and believe he is the right person to get them to the next stage

  3. Man Utd players have developed a mindset that they are bigger than a coach or manager and some even might be thinking that they are bigger than the club. Ole does not seem to handle the way how Alex Ferguson would do in such situation.

    They downed tools for Mourinho and there is good chance they will do for anyone who coaches them strictly like Pep or Jurgen.

  4. I don't think Zidane would ever want to coach Ronaldo again, because he knows he would be sacrificing the future of the team development for immediate victories and goals fed to Ronaldo.

  5. remember if stevie g never slipped this man would of one Liverpools 1st title in 25 years with a team that had 3 players that would of gotten into Klopps liverpool side now… yea he got sacked because they sold Luis Suarez his mean goal scorer… so any United fans that think Rodgers wouldn't make United title contenders you know nothing off football, use keep trying to chase managers with big names lol

  6. why do we want to hear the opinion of an Ex Liverpool player of course he doesn't want United to get a good manager like Rodgers, no ones even heard of must of been a branch warmer.

  7. No chance Rodgers leaves mid season for united. He would leave mid season for Manchester City. The management has already contacted Brendan to make sure we have a plan B. Typical City 💙.

  8. What has Brendan Rodgers won. He is just another Ole, a ticking time bomb. United are too big a club for him just like Moyes. Why can't they go for a quality coach once….try to tempt Zidane or talk to Ajax to give us our coach

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