Cruise expands supervised self-driving ride-hailing to Houston and Dallas

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Cruise is rolling out its self-driving cars to more cities — specifically, to Houston and Dallas as it expands its Texas-based presence. Cruise already started testing its vehicles in Austin at the end of last year, and announced plans to begin testing its Origin built-for-purpose robotaxis there earlier in 2023.

Cruise said via their Twitter account that they’ll kick off supervised (meaning, there’s a safety driver in the car) rides in Houston “in the coming days,” while Dallas riders will have to wait just a bit longer to actually get into vehicles. Interested individuals can use Cruise’s sign-up page to join the waitlist, as the program will be invite-only initially, though open to the general public in terms of requesting access.

It’s been a busy year for Cruise, with expansion of its testing program to new locales, and also a broadening of its pilot program in San Francisco, where its cars are now available to hail 24 hours a day throughout the city — for employees only initially, however.

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