Did Mino Raiola botch Gigio Donnarumma's AC Milan exit? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Steve Nicol join Kay Murray to respond to viewers’ questions in Extra Time.

0:00 Will Kylian Mbappe make the move from Paris-Saint Germain to Real Madrid this summer? How much would PSG want for him?
2:57 Is there a team that can make a surprise run at Euro 2020, like Greece in 2004 or Denmark in 1992? Does the 24-team format make it more or less likely a surprise winner can emerge?
4:27 With Gianluigi Donnarumma set to leave AC Milan this summer, what are his likely destinations, especially at his price?
6:53 Who should Gareth Southgate call in to replace Trent Alexander-Arnold in England’s squad for the Euros?
7:39 How far can Gerard Moreno and Pau Torres carry Spain after winning the Europa League with Villarreal?
9:18 Is it surprising to see Raheem Sterling make the England squad over Jesse Lingard and Patrick Bamford?

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41 thoughts on “Did Mino Raiola botch Gigio Donnarumma's AC Milan exit? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

  1. yeah but milan dont get anything for donnarumma now… he goes for free.. i would loved to see donnarumma in milan still… i was surprised by that early maignan signing.. felt rushed.. maybe donnarumma would stayed

  2. Nothing better than to lead out your boyhood club into the Champions League. But because of the stupidity & greed of both Gigio and Mino, they probably won't get that opportunity. Paolo Maldini was a great player and he seems to be doing great on a management level too. He's literally kicked them and their attitude out of the club. And what's more, the fans are totally behind him whilst being completely against Donnarumma and his fat agent. Maldini the clear winner here.

  3. Mina keeps getting in his players head… Donna is in big trouble unless someone picks him up for free.

    Mina is the football Sepp Blatter now

  4. Dollarumma & his agent was so greedy. This is second time they messed up with Milan.. hey but you messed with il-Capitano Maldini. There is no way they gonna win it. Dollarumma will end up playing for non-UCL team with wage of 2-5M €/year

  5. Dollarumma can regret rejecting big offer from Milan, now they signed a better goalkeeper who likes the club unlike Dollarumma who only wants more money. I hope he gets no offer from any big club so he learn. Forza Milan!

  6. Andare al PSG sarebbe un atto suicida per Donnarumma. In questi ultimi 10 anni, il PSG ha sempre avuto difficoltà a trattenere un portiere. Sirigu, Trapp, Buffon hanno tutti trovato difficoltà a giocare per questo club. Anche il 33enne Navas è in linea con il PSG. Donnarumma dovrebbe rimanere in Italia e giocare per una delle migliori squadre della Serie A. Dopotutto, è il portiere della nazionale italiana e come da tradizione, il portiere italiano ha sempre giocato per un club italiano di Serie A.

  7. Gigio is mediocre at goalkeeping and makes a lot of mistakes. All this hype about him only came about because of age, height and a couple penalty saves.

  8. One of my trusted sources has word that Ole rejected a chance to manage Real Madrid next season, he was the original target, the "chosen one" you my say

  9. Cash grabbers are useless for a club that wants to improve the squad, especially with the covid related financial situation. He is only a goalkeeper, there are plenty of solid and much cheaper goalkeepers to choose from.

  10. Obviously it sucks to lose Gigio, who has the potential to be the best in the world for a very long time but in the end nobody is bigger than the club. It's a shame that Gigio at 23 chose money over loyalty to the club that raised him, money has ruined football. I will end off by saying that there is nobody better to show Donnarumma the door at Milan than Maldini, a man who bleeds Milan through and through.

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