DNA Distillery launches European drink Rakija in a can

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DNA Distillery has teamed up with Sydney’s inner west restaurant Baba’s Place to launch Rakija & Tonic in a can format.

Rakija is a collective term for fruit spirits loaded with botanicals, consumed in the Balkan and Slavic regions of Eastern Europe.

DNA Distillery’s Rakija is made with fermented and double-distilled Australian Shiraz grapes.

Co-founders of DNA Distillery, cousins James Projcevski and Monique Sutevski, described the brew as the “perfect beverage” for family gatherings, parties and events.

“DNA Distillery is the legacy of our ancestors; a tradition passed down from generation to generation, from Europe to Australia. Our Dedo’s recipe was so famous in the village that people would travel by foot for the chance to taste it.”

The Rakija cans are now available online from the DNA Distillery website with a four-pack retailing for $29 and a 16-pack retailing for $109.

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