Emily Ratajkowski teaches us how to say her name

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Add another celebrity to the list of names you’ve probably been pronouncing wrong.

The Tory Burch Tik Tok account shared a video of Emily Ratajkowski backstage at this year’s New York Fashion week in which she shared the proper pronunciation of her name.

“Rat-ah-cof-sky,” the actress and model says. “I’m Polish. That’s the pronunciation.”

The video also contained a graphic of Ratajkowski’s comment, giving a hint to how it is pronounced and adding, “Liana and I are both Eastern European so I was being playful! This is how you say it in Polish!”

Ratajkowski was also featured walking the runway on Tory Burch’s verified Instagram account.

“Closing the @toryburch show, surrounded by projections of Venus de Milo,” the caption on the video reads. “This collection is about the confidence that comes from being unapologetically yourself. #ToryBurchFW23 #ToryBurch.”

In recent years stars like Rihanna and Adele have shared that their names are often mispronounced.

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