England 6-1 Belgium | Lionesses Crowned Arnold Clark Cup Champions For The Second Time! | Highlights

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The Lionesses crowned reigning Arnold Clark Cup champions! thanks to Chloe Kelly & Williamson’s brace which sees the European champions retain the Arnold Clark Cup against a resilient Belgium.

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45 thoughts on “England 6-1 Belgium | Lionesses Crowned Arnold Clark Cup Champions For The Second Time! | Highlights

  1. See now here is a Female commentator that would be ideal for the mens game, doesnt scream or shout just gets on with her job. Come on TV companies, get to work on more like this

  2. Wondered how long before the trolls turned up 🙂

    george otieno

    12 hours ago

    Belgium are crup at football,.


    13 hours ago

    Do they ever play anyone worthwhile or is it all just for show.

    Chris Wood

    18 hours ago

    absolute joke footbal.

  3. It’s just a shame that the guys don’t play with the same commitment. All they seam bothered about is there hair being out of place. 🫶go girls show them how it’s done.

  4. As an old campaigner myself , these English girl are impressive . Women's football gets a bad rap , but whoever is training these ladies knows their stuff . They will dominate the world stage , sorry USA …..

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