Enugu Guber: Ex- Governor, Nwobodo Endorses PDP Candidate Mbah

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peter mbah

   …..Says He Won’t Disappoint.

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) –  Ahead of the 18, March 2023 Governorship election, one time governor of old Anambra State, and Ex- Minister of Sports, Senator Jim Nwobodo, has endorsed the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP  in Enugu State, Dr. Peter Mbah,  ensuring that he wont  disappoint.

The elder Statesman said Mbah’s manifesto was not rhetoric, but “a working document, with plans of action and timelines for delivery” for addressing the challenges of the people of Enugu”

He therefore, enjoined the people of Enugu State to reject divisive calls, sentimental and clannish voting that will keep Enugu in a state of stunted development, “take optimistic view and vote rationally and objectively for Peter Mbah”.

Nwobodo made the endorsement on Sunday at a press conference at his Amechi Awkunanw country home attended by leaders from across the three senatorial zones of the state, including the Senate Minority Whip, Senator Chuka Utazi; Minority Leader, House of Representatives, Hon. Toby Okechukwu.

Also present were, House Members, Hon. Nnolim Nnaji, Hon. Ofor Chukwuegbo, former senator, Gil Nnaji; and former House Member, Ogbuefi Ozomgbachi.

 The former Senator that represented Enugu East Senatorial District said  “At my age and stage in life, I cannot stake my reputation for anyone without taking time to understand who that person is.

“Each time we discussed, I saw Mbah’s passion for developing Enugu state as a whole and not just Nkanu East.

“In all these years I had conversations with Peter, I took time to see through the person called Peter Mba, his temperament, his interpersonal and leadership skills, and found him a good fit for the quality of leader required in Enugu state at this time.

“Peter Mbah is not coming from the streets or coming from one government appointment to another.

“The questions that should be on the minds of every person living in Enugu state are: who among the governorship candidates took time to study and understand the problems of Enugu state? Peter Mbah’s Manifesto shows his deep understanding of the problems we face in Enugu state, and my interactions with him confirms it.

“Who among the candidates has a message that addresses the problems of the youths and the people of Enugu state, and the ability to address such problems? Peter Mbah’s manifesto is not just rhetoric; it is a working document, with plans of action and timelines for delivery.

“Who among the candidates has demonstrated that ability in practical terms? Peter has built a corporate institution that has created jobs for young Nigerians and foreigners.

“Our problems are man-made, and they can be solved by man; and a man with big dreams. A man whose manifesto resonates with people across gender, age, and tribe. Peter Mbah is that man, going by my knowledge of who he is”.


He added that Mbah’s entrepreneurial pedigree put him miles ahead of other candidates, adding that it is time to run governance of Enugu State like business, a mindset he said, propelled his achievements as governor of the old Anambra State.

“My modest achievements as governor of old Anambra state, in just four years, was largely because I managed the state with an entrepreneurial mind set

” A mind set of delivering dividends to the people who gave me their mandates. I believe the infrastructural and human development dividends I delivered in the three states I governed, are there for all to see and verify.

“I am today standing behind another entrepreneur, who is passionate and desirous of delivering on his mandate. His manifesto is a practical working document. 

“He is ready to hit the ground running. He is not just an intelligent theorist; he has practically demonstrated his ability to deliver by building a marketing oil business from ground zero to a dominant and Gas marketing institution that has overtaken the incumbent multinational oil marketing companies in Nigeria.

“Peter Mba’s Pinnacle Oil and Gas Company employs over 5,000 staff of both Nigerians and expatriates. 

“His Pinnacle Oil Company sells their products at government-fixed prices, and this has helped in alleviating the sufferings of, not just Enugu people, but Nigerians in general, even when he is not governor.

“Peter Mbah’s plan of action includes innovative governance, which would surely excite the youths. 

“He plans to adopt the same disruptive innovation, which saw Pinnacle overtake its multinational competitors, to change the lives of civil servants and teachers to make civil service and teaching attractive careers”.

The elder statesman also said that based on his several discussions with Mbah, he “found he is someone, who sees diversity as gift, not division, and believes all residents of Enugu are stakeholders that should be treated equally”.

The octogenarian implored the youths especially to vote for someone, who could restore Enugu and also give them a better future they deserved.

“For the youths, I implore you to go to your respective Polling Units on Saturday, March 18, to vote for Peter Mba, a job creator and the man, who understands your pains; the man, who will bring back Enugu to the status of the capital of old Eastern Region and the capital of Southeast.

“I give you my word, Peter Mbah will not disappoint the people of Enugu State. Peter Mbah is an inspiration to the youths. Vote for Peter Mbah, for Enugu State of your dream”, he concluded.

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