European Super League dominates Extra Time: Is this the end of football? | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop, Julien Laurens and Nedum Onuoha join Dan Thomas to answer your tweets in Extra Time, including:
0:00 Dean Henderson wore a hat in the second half of Manchester United’s win vs. Burnley. Has Shaka ever sported one?
3:07 If the FC crew was a player for one of the 12 teams forming a Super League, how would you feel about it?
3:47 If the Super League does happen, which sport would the guys follow? What job would Juls like if he quits as a football journalist?
7:00 What were the London derbies like for Nedum as a QPR player? Which was the most intense?
7:55 Does Nedum think a player’s attitude changes when they have the highest salary on the team?
9:30 Nedum, how did you know it was time to hang up your boots? What was the main factor in your decision?
12:08 Dan, who was your favorite player growing up? Entire crew, which World Cup is the most memorable for you and why?

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29 thoughts on “European Super League dominates Extra Time: Is this the end of football? | ESPN FC

  1. Discontinue Super League, Champion League, Europa League and Conference League, then stop player without ball from trying to take ball away from player with ball to increase fan support and profits up and down the line in all the soccer leagues of different nations.

  2. If I wanted the 'best playing the best' every week, I would switch my PlayStation on and load up FIFA. It's basically the same thing at this point, just more interactive.

  3. Liverpool just drew against Leeds 1-1. Are they expecting to be spanked by Madrid week in and week out in Super League, just like their recent UCL quarter finals game 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. If they are able to breakaway from UCL, ESL may replace it in time whereby qualification will be needed before participation. For now the 12 founding club's are guaranteed a spot because of the number of club's involved.
    I think FIFA too should also be replaced by another World football federation Association (WFFA). Actions must be taken against these corrupt governing bodies.

  5. With the introduction of this ESL, players prices will sky rocket. The cost for running clubs will also increase thus putting a huge financial headache in the world of football. On the other hand Teams participating in the champions League are screwed over by UEFA. I still don't understand why FC Barca is in a financial crisis after their success in previous years in the UCL.

  6. I'm not happy about it, but: la liga is basically two teams, Ligue One, Bundes Liga, and Seria A are all about one team, and have been like that for many years. That is no fun and is not at all sustainable. Something should have been done about that a long time ago.

  7. Suspend all these clubs what do they think they are better that the others greedy
    It just about money , it's never about the fans .. but the fans have the power do not consume their product and they will loose money 💰 then they will cry for money greedy .

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