European Super League is 'the worst own goal in the history of football' | ESPN FC

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Barely 48 hours after it was announced, the European Super League is already in the midst of an epic collapse. Following protests and actions by fans, players, sponsors and governments around the world, clubs have already started to back out of the big-money competition. All six Premier League clubs β€” Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City and Chelsea β€” have signalled their withdrawals, while Atletico Madrid and Barcelona are expected to follow suit. Near the end of a historic day in the football world, ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Jan Aage Fjortoft react to the developing news.

0:00 Burley says the supporters are the big reason the Super League collapsed so quickly.
1:56 Looking back to Sunday, Burley laughs about how Arsenal were in the process of “clawing back” against Fulham as the news began to leak out.
2:19 Fjortoft delights in the destruction of the competition and discusses the role of ownership across leagues like the EPL, La Liga and the Bundesliga.
4:00 Burley has a laugh about Real Madrid president Florentino Perez being the only executive to go in front of cameras to discuss the competition.

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43 thoughts on “European Super League is 'the worst own goal in the history of football' | ESPN FC

  1. So who’s still in this β€˜super’ league?
    Unreal Madrid.
    Inter, Juvenile and AC.

    No thanks. I’ll stick to the Champions League. 5 spots just opened up for CSKA Moscow, Galatasaray, Celtic, Feynoord and Red Star.

  2. i think florentino perez panicked brcause he saw he didn't gave the cash to buy mbappe and the king is not saving gis finance anymore so he had a genius idea…….

  3. Are the fans of the six premier league teams that originally signed up but pulled out gonna hold a grudge about them wanting to leave in the first place?

  4. You are the clown here . Fifa is one of the most corrupt organisation. They don't care about football but the fact that money would go to big ESL. You are afraid of not being able to get your salary if you object.Nobody is going to watch a UCL match between Eiber and Burnley ofc.

  5. The amount of hypocrisy is beyond me, the super league might have been presented horribly and might not be the answer, and all this pundits and ex players talking about the tradition and doing for the fans can go suck a d*ck, no one and I mean no one that's involved in professional football give two shits about the fans but the money they can get from them.

  6. Some fans really don't understand it well. They just pumped what UEFA is trying to fool. UEFA doesn't care about fans or football. They only care about how much money they can make. It's playing monopoly for the last 6 decades.

  7. Just HAD to be the Real Madrid man 🀣🀣 he’s a perfect rep for the fan base over there as well… full of themselves and just straight up clowns sometimes 🀣🀌🏽

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