Everything about Tottenham's style vs. Man City SCREAMED Jose Mourinho – Shaka Hislop | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop sounds off on Daniel Levy’s decision to sack Jose Mourinho and bring in Ryan Mason just before the Carabao Cup final.
0:00 Hislop says Levy’s thought process in making the move just before a cup final is quite perplexing.
2:32 Hislop offers some other options at Levy’s disposal in Tottenham’s academy that could have been better caretaker managers than Mason.
4:17 Ultimately, the blame is not Mason’s, according to Hislop. He believes the interim manager was put in a tough situation by a chairman out of his depth.

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41 thoughts on “Everything about Tottenham's style vs. Man City SCREAMED Jose Mourinho – Shaka Hislop | ESPN FC

  1. I believe Mou’s previous successes depended heavily upon extremely disciplined players like those he had at Porto and Inter. Those players were only focused on one thing and that was to follow Jose’s game plan and win the game. Porto winning the UCL and Inter winning the treble had a lot to do with discipline and the players’ faith in Jose’s system. I believe Real Madrid was the first team he managed that began to show him resistance due to some players not being able to put aside their own egos (CR7, Casillas, Sergio Ramos, and possibly more). Then it happened again at Chelsea, United, and finally at Tottenham. This is just my opinion, but it could also be caused by players’ reluctance to play his style of football which although is not as exciting, it delivers results even against Pep’s invincible Barcelona back in the day. Jose just needs the players with the mindset he prefers, which is discipline on the pitch and off.

  2. It’s sad to see how many average teams Jose had to manage after Chelsea (2013) drag them to the top then get hated on how he does things. Last 20 years, Jose has more trophies 🏆 than Spurs 😂… football heritage

  3. Daniel Levy sacking Jose Mourinho was just a smokescreen from the ESL BS!! what better ways available when you have fans worldwide going for your throat immediately when the ESL BS! was announced? poor results is a convenient reason. Anyway obviously spurs haven't learn that player power doesn't win trophies

  4. Not parking the bus is what cost Spurs the lost. They lost from a corner header. From Mourinho's exp, he concedes less corner goals from his management. The attacking football is also not evidently effective. So much for Bale thinking he can propel attacking football after Mourinho is gone

  5. Nobody in the comments talking about the valid points Shaka raised about the lack of opportunity offered to black managers. Ridiculous that Mason was given the job ahead of Powell.

  6. Thanks to Levy dan Board decision to sack Jose 6 days before the carabao cup. It showed that Levy and the Board were not serious on any throphy. They made us known as Runner Up Specialist now. Two finals, two losses, twice runner ups. Big applause for Levy and the Voard leadersip….They sent a captain to a battlefield against a General like Pep Guardiola. 4 questions must be asked before sacking Jose prior to Carabao Cup Final, i.e. Who knows better Pep as manager better than Jose does? Who beat Pep in Copa Del Rey Final 2011? Who beat Pep in Champions League semifinal 2010? Who beat Pep 2 years in a row in Totenham Stadium?….Your answer should be the formula of success….

  7. Poch and Mourinho sacked, but those deadwoods stay. I have never see defenders that make individual mistakes constantly in almost every match. Even when Mourinho was at Man Utd and always longing for defenders, their defensive performance were also not as poor as Spurs..

  8. Tottenham robbed themselves of the trophy when they sacked Mourinho before the Cup final. It was Mourinho's final and he had earned the right to manage and win it.

  9. What a pointless title….. The players have been with mourihno for nearly two years….. You expect the style of play to change over night? Especially with a unknown manager

  10. Average pundits are not capable to do deep analysis. Mourinho needed time to build a solid team. This board revealed that they are not committed to glory but profit.

  11. Tottenham only have 4 players, the rest are just useless. Kane, Son, Moura should move and leave the club. You can never get a first class coach that will accept to be a coach of this kind of players. Mourinho is not the problem but the underdeveloped players.

  12. The problem is y'all make this about Mourinho. It isn't. Every and any manager would do this with any team with players who just can't defend. Except you wanna go and concede a ton of goals. It doesn't matter how many talented players you've got up front. Soon as they haven't got confidence in the players behind them, they'll fall back regardless of what the coach says. Except of course, they enjoy conceding goals. It's what it is.

  13. What exactly is Shaka Hislop implying in the Mason over Powell comments? If you suspect what I think you are implying, say it and accept the consequences. Otherwise, you are at best a coward

  14. Given what Levy has achieved in football?
    He got lucky with Pochettino over-achieving, making him look smarter than he was.
    He wasted Spurs' golden generation of players so he could build a stadium to make MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!! They had opportunities to win the league and Champions League in that time time, if he invested just a little..
    Then after sacking the man who covered up his failings, he hires a manager who is obviously past it & obviously wrong for the club. Now here we are, Tottenham out of the Champions League for another season while it was there for the taking!
    A shrewd businessman.. sure.

  15. DL wanted to make himself important that he sacked one of the best Managers in the world. Silly decision…..Spurs gonna be the next Bolton Wanderers after Big Sam left…

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