EXPLAINED: Why are Man City being charged by the Premier League?

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Sky Sports News’ chief reporter Kaveh Solhekol explains the possible ramifications for Manchester City after the Premier League charged the champions with numerous alleged breaches of financial rules.

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50 thoughts on “EXPLAINED: Why are Man City being charged by the Premier League?

  1. As a Liverpool fan I'm gutted we could of possibly had 4 league titles.
    Klopp deserves more credit for competing with the richest club with infinite funds and greatest coach plus cheating 🙄

  2. FA needs to make an example out of City:
    1. £1m fine for every FFP breach.
    2. Take away their premier league titles, instead of handing them down to 2nd place make the relevant years 1st place void.
    3. Transfer ban equivalent for every year they breached the FFP.
    4. Throw them out of the premier league. EFL aren’t required to accept them so they should be sent to non-league and if EFL do want to accept them then they should be made to start from League 2. Rangers were made to start from the lowest league, what City have done is far much worse than Rangers, therefore should have a harsher punishment.

  3. It's easy to wish evil on others, but Man City are innocent. The envy and malice of rivals is clearly visible. This year City will be the champion again to the despair of the rivals.

  4. So we shall simply remove points each season equal to offences committed 115 over 5 years minus 23 points per season

    Utd and Liverpool gain 2 titles each and mourinho is the special one

  5. Man city for all the money they spent still couldn't cheat their way to a champions league trophy and the 6 titles they won will be null and void in the very near future . Biggest cheats in league history, tarnished fake trophies . City can't fill the empty-had when they're in the premier league so it will be impossible to half fill in the championship. The rival fans will have some funny chants fired at the cheats every game …it's gonna be funny

  6. Took them 5 years for these charges to surface could of brought this last year so Liverpool could of won the they deserved from cheating man city. We've all known they've been cheating for years were not stupid

  7. Other teams faced serious consequences for minimal offences and city have breached 100 offences so it should be demote to conference league.

    Feels bad if this is true as Jurgen klopp wokld of the won the league 3 times and don't say he won't because man city if they did follow the rules wouldn't have the players they did

  8. So when does the Premier league investigation start for the rest of the Prem ?, lets start with Chelsea shall we. Then start with clubs registered in the Cayman Islands. It would seem only logical if you are going to start looking at all your rotten apples in a barrel you cant just single one out. City look very much like they have fallen foul of desperation from a Premier league and the top 6 teams to avoid any form of regulation. So lets just throw all our dirty laundry out on the lawn and hope the government go away so we can stifle competition, wind the clock back 20 years and get Man U and Liverpool back to the top of the league. The Premier league could actually be doing more harm than good with City and smacks of self interest rather than whats good for the game.

  9. The owners came into our glorious football league and 100% disrespected our fair play ethos. English football is known worldwide as the home of football. City's owners come here with their billionaire playboy "I can do anything I like " attitude and now it's coming home to roost. You can't buy class. The other 19 teams will demand city are relegated 3 divisions

  10. The main reason is big influencers cannot support Man C dominance of the league for that long. Just also look how referees act with certain teams. If Man C is charged I do not see how Chelsea could escape with their spending. And I don't speak about arab countries that hate each others and their infighting. Football is now more and more about politics and power. It is run by mafias and honnestly what is going on behind the pitch is absolutely disgusting.

  11. Love how their manager tries to blame everyone else for when his club owners broke the law repeatedly for years.

    It is as though a criminal blames someone else once they commit a crime

    Despite this, nothing will happen. They will get a slap on the wrist with a 10 point deduction at some point, they don't want other club investors to lose confidence in overspending, so nothing will happen.

    Technically, City should be pushed to League 2 for breaking so many rules over 8 years

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