EXPLAINED: Why Premier League clubs CANNOT join European Super League

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Kaveh Solhekol explains why Premier League clubs cannot join a new-look European Super League or any other breakaway league.

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24 thoughts on “EXPLAINED: Why Premier League clubs CANNOT join European Super League

  1. The problem with these clubs like Real, Barça or Juve is that they don't care about the sport by itself. They want to be the big clubs everyone sees all over the world and yes, they do need titles, but they don't want competitiveness. They wanna totally dominate in their countries so they win all the money and fame and become just a freaking brand.
    They don't care about football!
    And this is what made me stop watching portuguese football, cause it's the same. Although the Portuguese League doesn't have the same money as Spain or Italy, It's always about Benfica and Porto. And I hate that. I want a fair fight! I want everyone to compete and be able to win.
    That's why I changed to the Premier League!

  2. You keep saying that they CANNOT join. You are wrong. That is like my employer saying if I join another company they will sack me….too late. the ESL idea is a bad one and greed driven ( just lke the current one ) but if these clubs could persuade their fans to get behind it and stood to make loads more money there i NOTHING the goverment or the PL can do to stop them. The fans are the one who will prevent it by threatening to boycott games.

  3. If this next attempt of a SL fails, I think real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus should be either fined massively, like to the brink of extinction or removed from UEFA league altogether. Everyone forgets, Juventus fans started heysel fight, the man with a starter pistol gun if anyone bothers to watch the documentary but English clubs banned for many years. Niw they cant blame that this time, and once again premier league is dominant, and ohhhhh look, same teams that did everything to ban us then are at it again.

  4. What they really should do, to settle this once and for all, is to get a random sample of 10,000 people who are implacably opposed to any Super League and 10,000 who love the idea and get them to sit an exam about football history and culture and the group who gets the highest mark should get to decide whether we have one, or not. Any ideas who would win? I do not gamble, but I would bet everything I have on which group would get BY FAR the highest mark! It would be the group who currently pay FAR more to watch their clubs, per head of population, than the other group!

    Better not have the heating on too high in the exam hall(s) one of the group would be sitting their exam in though, otherwise there would be 10,000 pools of plastic by the end of it! _ _ _ On second thoughts, they should turn the heating on in full!

  5. I'm a woman LOVE football I'm behind you all I will come out at the grounds to stop the Government letting them take the peoples game of football we love the liverpool song we stand together God bless you all freedom x

  6. It's not just that the Premier League is powerful, it's that we love our football pyramid here in England. Look at the size of some of the clubs in the lower leagues or Non-League. We value our football pyramid, even if the way the money is distributed doesn't reflect that.

  7. I really hate how pl is reacting to the super league…
    You just want to keep things as it is . Cause your the biggest league, with the most tv rights ..

    But we as fans .. i want to see the best compete against each other ..

  8. La Liga and Serie A are in the doldrums, they wanted to take away the Premier League's and English football supremacy and profitability.
    They should fix their own league instead of looking to sabotage the successs story of English football league system which works from semi-pro level all the way to Premier League.

  9. They should introduce a Subbuteo table football competition, with all the ESL clubs playing in it and televise that instead of the ESL. Then there would be literally plastic football for the plastic fans, whilst leaving the real football, to the genuine fans!

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