Falling asleep, altercations & Benzema’s saving Florentino Perez | ESPN FC Extra Time

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Dan Thomas is joined by Craig Burley, Nedum Onuoha and Don Hutchison in ESPN FC Extra Time after a busy slate of matches this Saturday.
0:00 Romelu Lukaku’s two touches in the first half!
0:40 Who does Nedum blame for Manchester City’s defeat?
1:10 Will Man City drop any more points between now and the end of the season?
2:20 Craig whips out his mask!
3:45 Any rants on Lukaku?
6:22 Has Karim Benzema saved Florentino Perez?
7:05 Craziest Old Firm derby stories.
13:25 Bernardo Silva’s role within Man City’s squad.
14:21 Has Don fallen asleep watching his team play?
20:21 Craig’s joined the gym again!
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45 thoughts on “Falling asleep, altercations & Benzema’s saving Florentino Perez | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. so crazy how the best teams will lose to the worst opponents and thrash the best. Happening with both city and Bayern. They usually have 2-3* the xG and at least 20% more possession but they still lose …

    's football init?

  2. I just love Craig Burley. He seems to be having a nice day today though. I come to this show for him. Seems ironic but he's got the best sense of humor.
    He's very objective too, though he says a lot of things about Spurs I don't like to hear. He must make an excellent Dad.

  3. Lukaku is a counter attacking striker. Just like Belgium and Inter, they both played counter attacking football, which allowed Lukaku to excel.

    He’s not fit to play possession style football. He would be excellent at Spurs.

  4. I was watching that Chelsea game for the first half but wasn’t interested enough to tune back in for the 2nd, I really wish I did just to see lukaku deadass not touch it all 💀💀💀

    If a goalie has more touches than you than that’s not good

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