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Four primary school pupils across Hertfordshire, one from each key stage 2 year group, have been named winners of the Hertfordshire Heroes Christmas Art competition after their artwork was selected by a panel of by military personnel at Northwood HQ, Hertfordshire.

Organised by Hertfordshire County Council, the 10th annual competition saw submissions from 780 children across 29 schools in the county, all invited to create artwork depicting a memorable event from 2022 to send Christmas cheer to those in the Armed Forces serving away from home over the holiday period.

All four winners will be presented with a certificate and spend a day of adventure at Northwood HQ, the UK’s military strategic headquarters based in Hertfordshire.

  • Year 3 – Kaiqi from De Havilland Primary School
  • Year 4 – Poppy from Lime Walk Primary School
  • Year 5 – Mason from Countess Anne School
  • Year 6 – Lizzy from Chambersbury Primary School

The Year 3 winner, Kaiqi from De Havilland school in Hatfield, created a colourful piece of art with an RAF plane, Father Christmas, a ship and two saluting King’s guards.

A snowy, winter scene with night time sky, Christmas tree and deer was drawn by Year 4 winner Poppy from Lime Walk Primary School in Hemel Hempstead. Included in her artwork was a crown, poppies, the symbols of each branch of His Majesty’s Armed Forces and other things which reminded her of 2022.

Year 5 winner, Mason from Countess Anne School in Hatfield, drew a sunset image of solider, an RAF plane and Royal Navy ship in the silhouette of a Christmas tree with lights, and the words “Thank you” reflected in the water below.

Year6WinnerThe drawing created by Lizzy, a Year 6 pupil from Chambersbury Primary school in Hemel Hempstead (pictured), depicts a Christmas dinner complete with turkey and all the trimmings with soldiers ready to dine together. A corgi sits at the head of the table next to a crown.

The winner’s artwork, along with all entries submitted, will be shared with those in His Majesty’s Armed Forces who are serving away from their families this Christmas. The Hertfordshire Heroes Christmas Art Competition helps support the joining of military and civilian communities in Hertfordshire, which is one of the three aims of the Hertfordshire Armed Forces Covenant Board.

Chairman of the Hertfordshire Armed Forces Covenant Board, Cllr Terry Douris, said: “The Hertfordshire Heroes Christmas art competition is always a wonderful display of creativity from primary pupils in Hertfordshire and our 10th annual competition was no different. We are grateful to all the children who entered for their hard work on their artwork which will bring cheer to military personnel this Christmas time. “

Colonel Clint Read, Commanding Officer of Northwood HQ said: “The Northwood HQ were very impressed by all the artwork and commend participants for their hard work, imagination and attention to detail.”

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