Frank Leboeuf BORED and FED UP with Manchester City | ESPN FC

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Are Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City boring to watch? Have Man City become too predictable? ESPN FC’s Frank Leboeuf lays into Man City’s style of play and how they “barely shoot at goal.” Leboeuf is both “bored” and “fed up” with their tactics, despite a 1-0 win over Arsenal courtesy of Raheem Sterling’s strike in the first half. On the other hand, Shaka Hislop doesn’t necessary agree with Leboeuf, explaining their patient style allows for a Plan B.
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24 thoughts on “Frank Leboeuf BORED and FED UP with Manchester City | ESPN FC

  1. Its not city who played boring, it the other teams who hide in their D area and defence with 10-11 players in the box that are boring. This boi needs to analyse properly. They won with the defence. These peeps will just find ways to criticise city on anything they do.
    Need not take such comments in any negative way and should keep thriving.

  2. He loses, they criticize him. He draws, they criticize him. He wins, they criticize him. F*** off you French fraud. Why did no one talk about Mourinho when he parks the bus ? I’m fed up with ESPN being BIAS.

  3. These guys are pathetic. Horrible analysis from frank. He is a trash commentator. Barely shoot at goal?????? City in almost every game outshoots their opponent and outplays their opponent playing passing flowing attacking football. And he knows the risk which is a risk when any team plays this way but he believes that football shud be played with attacking intent which is what I believe as well.
    Ps. I am a Manchester United supporter and I do fancy the counter attack, but in every system a counter is available. When the opponents get a corner is a counter attacking situation, any ball won in midfield, in transition u will always find space. I prefer the attacking passing and moving chance creating type of football. I wud also acknowledge that there are limitations to this. U can't play this type of football with anyone, u need certain players. Players need a coach that wud get them to the last third of the field and leave them to handle it from there

  4. Do City not go on run of games where they score 4 or five on teams, like City are the best top team for goals in Europe besides Bayern (who play in a slightly weaker league but that doesn't take away from the goal scoring prowess)

  5. Like are y’all kidding me? You have all these teams sittin not just deep but deep deep, forming two low blocks in front of goal, parking the bus and all manners of negative tactics and you sitting here talking about now CITY passes the ball around too much. Y’all make me sick. Might have to stop watching analysis from y’all

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