Frank Leboeuf reacts to France's exit from Euro 2020 vs. Switzerland | ESPN FC

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Frank Leboeuf, who won the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000 with France, joins Kasey Keller, Nedum Onuoha and Dan Thomas on ESPN FC to react to Les Bleus’ stunning exit from Euro 2020 after Yann Sommer saved Kylian Mbappe’s kick in a penalty shootout following a 3-3 draw. France led 3-1 in the 81st minute before the Swiss forced extra time.

0:00 How is Frank feeling?
1:03 Did France take Switzerland for granted?
2:00 Who is Leboeuf upset with from the France squad?

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50 thoughts on “Frank Leboeuf reacts to France's exit from Euro 2020 vs. Switzerland | ESPN FC

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  2. Mbappe made 2 key passes leading to the goal, and Benzema scored twice, it had to be more of a defensive issue bc Benzema and Mbappe were up there to attack and they did, what is he on about.

  3. Lenglet is a total waste pipe that's why I am begging Barcelona board to cut him loose and sell him this summer bcos he isn't good enough near Barcelona quality.

  4. What an idiot , calling Swiss team "Small Team", the problem was defensive MF position and every one was going FW like they are playing FIFA 2020. French were trying to Win game 5-1 , instead the score became 3-3

  5. I don't understand why people keep on saying France underestimated Hungary and Switzerland. They didn't underestimate them, Hungary and Switzerland were just too good defensively and took their chances in attack. They only got hope in those matches because of Hungary's one lapse of concentration and Switzerland 5mins nightmare(In which they could have sealed the game). In all, those teams played much much better than France. It was not an underestimation but rather France faced better teams on the field of play.

  6. Mbappe was trying to dribble 4 swiss defenders !! It didn't work hahaha He tried to score a goal again alone and after having a # 3 block his shot left Giroud wide open in his back

  7. Frank is 100% right. Benzema was lost, for over an hour, because he scored 2 goals, we forget how poor he was. Kante was also poor, mbape was terrible, Varene can't defend. Rubbish

  8. For everyone joaning on them for all picking France don't act like you really thought Switzerland was gonna win. I'm sure a couple people did but more people picked France to win their round of 16 game than anyone

  9. France doesn't have any top class organizer and are full of wannabe match winners. Deal with it. It's not a coincidence that Pogba, Varane, Griezmann, Mbappe and etc. nearly always look like serial losers when someone to hold their hand isn't there…

  10. Please stop embarrassing yourself Frank, the loss had nothing to do with benzema 😂. Benzema and Pogba were fantastic and did their jobs. Griezmann also played well. For goodness sake why can't guys responsible for doing the defensive work take responsibility for once, maybe that's why Frank is distracting from the real problem, because he himself was a former defender, 😂

    no serious knowledgeable person can put this loss on Pogba, griezmann, benzema…not even in the top ten reasons why France lost.

    I'm so happy that benzema scored two goals and giroud came in for extra time. Because smart people now know that he can't be blamed, nor Pogba…giroud came in played for thirty minutes and did nothing…if benzema had played in overtime, they would have blamed benzema and said why didn't giroud play…some of the French national team players messed up big time, and the more the blame goes on players who are not the SLIGHTEST BIT at fault, the more fans and people around the world will see through the nonsense and support those players. This segment was terrible.

  11. France didn’t take Switzerland serious and went down 1-0, then couldn’t turn it on til they realized they could go down 2-0, then went up 3-1 and thought the game was over and ended up losing. Switzerland is not better, France isn’t overrated, they were over confident

  12. When you Hv the talents that couldn't perform as a unit. It the coach . Sack the coach . The coach is responsible . This is not the first it happened for France . There were two groups of players in the team that have different sets of togetherness , as a result there was no unity Ang togetherness in the team . The job of the coach , it has been so long for France to let this hapoened . This coach allows this to happen , or rather inability to unite the players . There is no leadership in the team , all we hear is one player critizing another . It shall not be allowed to happen .

    With all the talents they have , come on . Come on Frank , start critizing The coach . He is responsible to me .

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