Fun Craft Activities For Kids

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Halloween is the time of year to have fun craft activities for kids. Grade schoolers look forward to this first “holiday” of the school year because of the neat things that they will get to create. Whether it be creating pictures, decorations, or little craft projects this will get their creative juices flowing.

Make A Mask – Take construction paper and make your best scary face. Cut out eyes and the mouth section so you can breathe and see. On the side of the mask put pieces of tape right where the ears will be. Take a single hole punch and put one hole on the tape, this will prevent the construction paper from tearing. Take two rubber bands and lace them together and draw tight. Now take the ends of the new formed rubber band and attach two paper clips. Last attach the two paper clips to the side of the mask where the tape hole is and there you have your mask.

Pin the Tail on the Black Cat – Draw a picture of a black cat on some cardboard. Put this on a stand and make a black cat tail of the same material. This idea follows the concept of pin the tail on the donkey. Blind fold the contestant and see how close they can get to pinning the tail on the black cat.

Making fun craft activities for kids at home can be just as fun. Have you ever made tombstones? Well, you start off with two inch thick pieces of styrofoam in four x eight foot sheets. Check out old timey tombstones and make a poster board pattern. Draw pattern on your styrofoam and cut out. Paint over the tombstone with grey paint and paint the epitaph with black paint or markers. Put the tombstones out in your “graveyard” by means of a support. Bricks, rocks, stakes, rebar, or any other means to hold the tombstone upright.

Toilet Paper Pumpkin – Take a roll of toilet tissue, wrap it in orange tissue paper, make a stem from brown construction paper and a leaf or two from green construction paper. Glue these two pieces to the top and there you have it.

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