Germany’s tactical nightmare: How can Joachim Low get the best from Kimmich & Havertz? | ESPN FC

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After Germany were defeated by France in their Euro 2020 Group F opener, ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (Gab and Juls Show) are on hand to offer some tactical advice to Joachim Low ahead of Germany’s game vs. Portugal. German stars like Kai Havertz, Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Muller struggled vs. France, so how might Germany line up to get the best out of their key men?

0:00 Why was Joshua Kimmich played out of position?
1:35 Assessing the tactical options for Germany
5:30 Who’s going to score the goals for Germany?

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45 thoughts on “Germany’s tactical nightmare: How can Joachim Low get the best from Kimmich & Havertz? | ESPN FC

  1. How about maintaining Havertz and Werner upfront – the way they do at Chelsea? We clearly saw their roles in the CL final. With a 3-4-3 and Gnabry at the other flank, they could definitely cause havoc going at defenders and creating spaces for MFs like Gundogan, Kimmich, even Goretzka.

  2. Germany and Bayern only function in a 4-2-3-1 formation. They won the WC and the UCL with it respectively.
    Now, Kimmich has to play DCM (he is the brains) where as Goretzka CM is the muscles.

  3. This German team has no heart. Attacks against france were short and sputtered. Passes were not typical crisp. Sloppy play all around. We have no striker, and Hummels is way too slow to be left at back. We need a gomez/lowendowski/klose player to step up. Müller cant do it alone

  4. 3-5-2 with Gnabry and Havertz upfront and Muller providing service. They are the best goal scorers Germany has in the squad. Also, Kroos and Gundogan don't work well together because both are similar players and none of them can win the ball. Goretzka must play. I think only he can save Die Mannschaft from being eliminated again in the group stage of a major tournament.

  5. He's a major issue. Am wondering is this guy a Putin or King in Germany. The man has no knowledge of the team and there's no chemistry. Back 3 ohk put Sule as right wing back kimmich and Kroos with Muller Gnabry and Werner up top. Muller stay behind Werner and Gnabry.

  6. Controversial line up incoming… Play a 4-2-3-1. Yes, i would out gnabry at left back. The overlaps

    Sane Muller Volland
    Kross Kimmich
    Gnabry Rudiger Ginter Klosterman

  7. Germany brought back Hummels and Mueller turned out to be worse, Hummels scored for France, Mueller did nothing and he was not #9 as Lewandowski, Loew is at a real low of his career, they will not go far in this tournament, time to change and let Flick take over prepare for WC qualify, Loew got no magic any more, if they do not beat Portugal on Saturday then bye bye Deutschland, it will break my heart!

  8. Loew should try this line – up:
    – Neuer –
    – Hummels – Rudiger – Ginter –
    – Kimmich – Gosens –
    – Goretzka – Kroos – Gundogan –
    – Gnabry – Sane –

  9. I don’t know why Löw and all pundits have been complicating this since 2015… the formation should be very simple: 4-2-3-1; GK: Neuer | DF (l-r): Gosens, Hummels, Rudiger, Kimmich/Klostermann | DMF (l-r): Goretzka, Kroos/Kimmich | MF (l-r): Gnabry, Müller, Havertz/Sane | CF: Volland…

    Although the perfect scenario would be Kimmich in DMF, unfortunately Germany have no decent RB at the moment, so Kimmich will have to fill that spot, especially that Germany have more than enough world class DMFs to cover that area…. Volland in CF as he’s been scoring left and right for Monaco, while Werner has been a total clown since he moved to Chelsea… Also, Germany need to stop playing hand-ball-like side passes and start shooting at the opponent’s goal for a change, like a proper traditional German team, where German national teams have always been known for their goals from distance, now they think they’re Brazil or something and only try to create the “perfect goal”. Many players in this German team make me feel like they lack the passion and the drive, it’s as if they do not enjoy the game; players like Kroos, Havertz, and especially Sane make me feel like they don’t care about winning..

  10. I often feel like “Goretzka” can be developed into a world class No.9 for Germany.. I know this might seem wild but I think he has some of the most important traits of a No.9;; he’s physically strong, he has the right physique for a No.9, he has the appetite for scoring goals, he has great positioning, he has a fantastic shot, he knows how to score with his head, he’s tactically smart and quick, he’s passionate about the game. Perhaps the only CF trait he might be missing a bit is skilful dribbling, and that could be developed as he’s still young.

  11. Neuer
    Can/klostermann hummels Rudi Gosens
    Kimmich gundogan kroos
    Gnabry werner sane
    This is the best line up with Havertz, muller, ginter and hopefully goretzka on the bench
    But it’s good they won’t play this way as i am supporting Portugal

  12. Bruh Gundogan has been one the best midfielder this season. This man has scored 17 goals from the midfield so there’s no way you can start goretzka over him when he’s been injured a lot of the season and has not started towards the end. So it should be kimmich, Kroos and gundogan in the midfield with a back four

  13. Will help you guys out … This is the apt formation …cause kimmich come inside time to time and does become the holding mindfielder.. .. so in between they does become 433 during the match . And when kroose has the bowl they spread the wings and back to 343

  14. I liked the fact that Kimmich played right back because there was a lack of talent in that position. Against France it was difficult because France played very deep and very defensively. Now we can say that Germany has the best right and left full back of the tournament. As both were outstanding vs Portugal. I critized Low because he kept changing everything in the last 3 years. Now it seems they find the solution and more fluidity will come as they play together. Every time Low change the gems by replacing 2 players at the same time the team get desorganised.

  15. Not only is Kimmich our best holding midfielder, he's also by far our best right wing back. Even without Kimmich we have five very good players (Müller, Kroos, Goretzka, Gündogan, Havertz) for maximum three positions, so the disadvantage of not playing him as holding midfielder is smaller than the advantage of playing him as holding midfielder. And now that Klostermann is injured, Löw just has to play Kimmich as right wing back.

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