Global National: Dec. 10, 2022 | Top soccer writer Grant Wahl dies while covering World Cup in Qatar

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FIFA World Cup celebrations have been marred by tragedy. Grant Wahl, one of the top soccer writers from the U.S., collapsed while covering the Argentina and Netherlands game on Friday. He later died in hospital. Jennifer Johnson reports on his legacy.

As the Maritimes are preparing to once again host the World Junior Hockey Championships, there’s a police investigation underway into the 2003 Canadian team with off-ice claims that a group of players sexually assaulted a woman who was unconscious. As Ross Lord reports, this has led to new questions surrounding the Halifax police investigation.

Over 100 Quebec civil society organizations showed up to protest as representatives from nearly 200 countries are trying to hash out an international agreement on preserving the planet’s ecosystems at the UN’s COP15 biodiversity summit in Montreal. But as Global’s Mackenzie Grey reports, that hasn’t stopped growing skepticism over whether world leaders are taking the issue seriously.

A new health policy announced by the French government this week is being praised by experts here in Canada. France is making condoms free for young people. It’s an effort to cut down on a growing problem of sexually transmitted infections — one that’s also growing in Canada. Mike Armstrong explains.

Over the last several years, anti-semitic comments and acts have been on a sharp rise both in Canada and in the U.S. As Farah Nasser reports, many factors are driving the mainstreaming of anti-Jewish hate today — and it’s left communities wondering why not enough is being done to curb it.

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