Gravitas: Is Iran threatening families of its soccer team?

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The families of Iran’s national soccer team have reportedly been threatened with torture & imprisonment. This comes after the team refused to sing the country’s anthem.

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29 thoughts on “Gravitas: Is Iran threatening families of its soccer team?

  1. The dressing down was apparent. No evidence given for what she labeled as "apparent" threats of torture. Let's be clear. All of this finger pointing at The Islamic Republic because you want to strip Iran of their strict cultural code of decency. You say it's about choice. Really. How about the choice of a baker to decide not to bake a cake for a guy wedding? He's fined. Shot down. Shut Down. And vilified. Not in Iran. Right here in the USA. Choice? Please.

  2. The iranian government shows islamic love to the people.

    Islamic rule number 1 If we cannot subjugate you we kill you!

    Islamic rule number 2 If we cannot subjugate you we kill you!

    Islamic rule number 3 If we cannot subjugate you we kill you!

    Islamic rule number 4 If we cannot subjugate you we kill you!

  3. Obviously they forced to sing the anthem and forced to lose, Iran team is very very strong. I remember I was working at target they only allowed me to park far a way getting close to their vip tent was a big thread to them. They finally came to target and verbally threatened me and found outside to physically damaged my son. Boy these people received money from Qatar and threatened Iran to win.

  4. They will not punish their football players who behaved like international sportsmen ! I have never seen in my life a more fair & competitive football match in my life!! 
    The Iran and US teams manifested a kind of joint sports man spirit which will be a leading example for the world – why would one human being sue them for this at Teheran ? 
    It simply wouldn't make sense…..My resect goes out to all these men on the playing field, they should be honoured for what they did……just as proud athletes.
    None of them has in any form harmed their Nation's reputation, the opposite was the case !!

    This is what the Koran suggests and the have to stick to this at Teheran …..
    Let's cool down please !
    The Koran gives Muslims five clear guidelines for expanding tolerance and understanding between religions.

    The God-given dignity of all human beings must be respected, regardless of their creed, race, ethnic origin, gender or social status (see the Qur'an, 17:70). Because all are created by Almighty God the Creator, human beings must treat one another with full honor, respect and loving kindness.
    Islam teaches that it is divine will that God's human creatures belong to different religions, or no religion at all – no religion is nevertheless a faith, or a belief system (see the Qur'an, 10:99)
    The Qur'an makes it very clear that religious freedom is a God-given right (see Qur'an, 2:256)
    The final judgment of all mankind rests in the hands of God, the one Almighty, their Creator, to whom we will all return in the end. (see the Quran, 22:68-69 and 42:15)
    God loves justice and those who strive to practice it, especially towards people who differ from him in any way, even in matters of religion and belief.

    قرآن به مسلمانان پنج دستورالعمل روشن برای گسترش بردباری و تفاهم بین ادیان می دهد.

    کرامت خدادادی همه انسانها صرف نظر از عقیده، نژاد، منشأ قومی، جنسیت یا موقعیت اجتماعی آنها باید رعایت شود (به قرآن، 17:70 مراجعه کنید). از آنجا که همه آفریده‌ی خداوند متعال هستند، انسان‌ها باید با کمال احترام، احترام و مهربانی با یکدیگر رفتار کنند.
    اسلام تعلیم می دهد که این اراده الهی است که مخلوقات انسانی خدا به ادیان مختلف تعلق داشته باشند یا اصلاً هیچ دینی وجود نداشته باشد – با این حال هیچ دینی یک ایمان یا یک نظام اعتقادی نیست (به قرآن، 10:99 مراجعه کنید).
    قرآن به وضوح بیان می کند که آزادی مذهبی حقی است خدادادی (به قرآن، 2:256 مراجعه کنید).
    قضاوت نهایی همه بشریت در دست خداوند متعال است، خالق آنها، که همه ما در پایان به سوی او باز خواهیم گشت. (نگاه کنید به قرآن، 22:68-69 و 42:15)
    خداوند عدل و انصاف را دوست دارد، مخصوصاً نسبت به افرادی که با او اختلاف دارند، حتی در مسائل دینی و اعتقادی.
    Peter Mallm, Human being

  5. I have every respect for the Iranian people. I have family members here who are Iranian/American citizens. They are a great people.
    Watching the sick Iranian government try to crush lifes breath from all it's people … makes me glad they are so easily seen, by the world.
    Iran's rotten leaders are useless tyrannts and their oppression proves they are the most vile, hatefilled murderer's of their own people in all the World.
    What comes next for Iran will be blood in the streets as the young people in Iran…have no future, no hope unless they break free.
    It has already started and the religious leaders of Iran have already planned to flee to South American countries if they can not quickly kill every single protestor in the streets.
    Just like IRAN did years ago…..TENS of THOUSANDS DIED!
    Rise up and be free Iran…NOW IS THE TIME!

  6. What was the point of the 1979 revolution? They went from over throwing the previous monarch dictatorship intended to be a free post dictatorship just to install an even more brutal dictatorship for what 🤦‍♂️

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