Gutfeld! dissects Argentina's soccer team amidst World Cup season

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‘Gutfeld!’ panelists weigh in on the Washington Post being slammed for an inaccurate article about Argentina’s soccer team. #FoxNews #Gutfeld!

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45 thoughts on “Gutfeld! dissects Argentina's soccer team amidst World Cup season

  1. As if it's a sin being a majority white country. The world's gone mad. This has never been an issue. Written by someone who doesn't know anything about the game. Whose mission in life is to be outraged about useless things. I'm Brazilian by the way. Congratulations Argentina . The World Cup final ever.

  2. We do not have any becuse we have very few black people, and all arrived since the 2000s. Give 2 generations and we will if they are good enough to make it to the National Team.

  3. Argentina was so lucky that the French team had 5 players come down with a virus (and the only team). Odd that 3 of their starters and two reserves just before the most important game.

  4. This World Cup revealed one of the most bizarre, unexpected effects: that people cheer for good people over race. Surprise right? I know this may be a shock in some circles, but look at youtube reaction videos on the World Cup Final from all over the world, oddly enough including Africa: 95% were rooting for Messi, a white guy, basically (since he is of Italian-Catalan descent). Why would black people do this? Because just like white people cheering for Jordan or Serena or Tiger, we enjoy following the BEST in their craft, and if they are decent people on top, even more so. Messi is a decent guy overall, and humble. At the end of the day, MLK's rule holds here too: content of character over color of skin!

  5. Boring? Lol, 3,575 billion people watched it. And the best player in the world won the world cup in the best final ever! 10% of the population of Argentina showed up in the capital in a massive show of pride

  6. I'd like to share a popular Argentine football chant that came up to be during the World Cup:


    "Listen out, let it be known

    They play for France but they are all from Angola

    What a sight to be seen, they will run,

    All of them tr*nny f*ckers like the f*gg*t Mbappe

    Their mother is from Nigeria,

    Their father from Cameroon,

    but in their passport/ID,

    It claims they are French."



    "Escuchen, corran la bola,

    juegan en Francia pero son todos de angola.

    Qué lindo es, van a correr,

    son come tr*vas como el p*t* de Mbappe.

    Su vieja es nigeriana,

    su padre camerunes,

    pero en documento

    nacionalidad Frances."

  7. The reason is because Argentina's team is made by Argentinian and the European teams are made by Africans like France only have France player the rest of them are African

  8. The funniest thing is that at least half our team could claim some Native ancestry. The original Spaniards intermarried with the native population of Argentina well before the waves of Italians and other Europeans arrived, and some of our players definitely look nonwhite or mixed-race. But to this woman, diverse = black, so we still get hit with the racist stick.
    But Argentina won anyway, so the NYP can kick rocks.

  9. I was born in Argentinian, but have lived in the USA since I was 1, and after so many decades of watching all kinds of sports: baseball, basketball, U.S . football, ice hockey, tennis, volleyball and many others, people from the U.S. are very often mocking or insulting (soccer) European football, claiming they don’t like it because the sport doesn’t involve using hands, which is totally not true, hands are actually used a lot, just not as often as feet, and they often say they don’t like the fact that Europeans call it football, which, if you ask me makes perfect sense to call it football, what do players use more often than anything else in that sport? answer: their feet. What I don’t understand is why U.S. football, is called “football”, what do they use more often than anything else in that sport? their hands, so why do they call it “football”? The only times they ever even use their feet are when they punt the ball or kick a field goal, which doesn’t happen very often at all during a game. I honestly believe that most people mock soccer because they are either not very good at playing the sport, because they are too used to using their hands, or maybe out of jealousy, jealous because of how massively popular soccer is worldwide, in comparison to US sports. Soccer, totally outnumbers those other sports in popularity by a landslide, and the FIFA World Cup, totally overshadows any other sporting event on the planet, even the Olympics, the Olympics don’t even come close. I’m not criticizing any U.S. sport or sporting event, but seriously, don’t act like soccer isn’t bigger and more popular. If you don’t like the sport, that’s fine, but keep it real, and respect the sport, as well as the World Cup, and see it for what it really means and stands for.

  10. As an Argentinian I apologize for the lack of black population in our country. We will immediately forbid interracial marriage in order to prevent “black erasure”. We will also promote the importation of black babies and train them in football. We hope that in a few generations we will conform to the current diversity standards based on slavery and colonialism. Best regards.

  11. How strange that the Cameroon soccer team does not have whites, are they racists? It's even weirder that in the Japan team they are all Japanese………hahahah Jesus Christ, how resentful the Afro-Yankees are

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