High School Fundraising Ideas For A Christmas Fair

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Christmas fundraising events are really fun to have. These types of high school fundraisers offer people tons of joy and excitement while giving high schools the opportunity to earn the money that they need. If you want to raise money easily and fast this coming festive holiday season, take a look at the different high school fundraising ideas for Christmas fairs in this article. The first fundraiser idea that you can try out is the “Find The Lucky Stocking” game. This is a really simple yet fun and exciting game that small kids will surely love playing in fairs. This basically works similarly to a Treasure Map theme. To carry this out effectively, you need to mark a grid of squares on a piece of paper and place in images of Christmas stockings on each one of them. Your customers will choose one stocking and place their name on it. At the end of this event, the one who was able to choose the lucky stocking will bring home a nice prize. Make sure that you set which among the different stockings is the lucky one in advance. Choose a lovely prize as well so that you can attract a lot of people to join your game. This theme can be carried out in different ways such as through the use of lucky Santas, presents, and Rudolph reindeers.

The next theme that you can try out would be the “Find Santa” theme. With this fundraiser idea, you need to have round tins or tubes, which you will use as chimney pots. Make sure that your chimney pots measure at least 15 centimeters in length. Paint them so that they will look authentic. In addition, close the tops of your chimney pots. You are going to need at least ten chimney pots. Place these on a tray with fake snow. You can make your fake snow by crumpling white packaging materials. On the other hand, you can also make use of cotton wool as well as other materials, which you think will look like real snow. Once you have your fake snow ready, you can now move to placing in a toy Santa in one of your chimney pots. In this game, you’re going to charge your customers a fixed price so that they can get the chance to make a guess as to which of your chimney pots contains the hidden Santa. If they make the right guess, they get to bring home a prize. Like the “Find The Luck Stocking” theme, you also need to choose an attractive prize for this game so that you can draw in lots of people to play.

The last idea that I have for you in this article is “Ring Rudolph’s Nose”. To do this, you need to paint a picture of Rudolph the reindeer’s head on a 1 meter X 1 meter sheet of hardboard. After you finish painting the picture, screw on a large red nose as well as a hook on it. Then, craft some small hoopla hoops by cutting rounds from hardboard or by using twisted wire and decorating it with tinsel. Charge a set prize for your customers for 3 hoops. They get to win a prize if they can hook one of these on Rudolph’s nose.

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