How did VAR make the wrong decision in the game between Arsenal & Brentford?

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A Weekend of VAR controversy in Premier League analysed by Dermot Gallagher on today’s edition of Ref Watch.

The former Premier League referee discusses Ethan Pinnock’s offside before Brentford’s goal on Saturday.

John Brooks has been replaced as VAR for both Liverpool v Everton tonight and Arsenal v Manchester City on Wednesday evening

Andre Marriner and David Coote will assume VAR duties in his place for Monday and Wednesday respectively.

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34 thoughts on “How did VAR make the wrong decision in the game between Arsenal & Brentford?

  1. The VAR referee I bet was not watching the game, or at least not watching it closely, like the rest of the world. He probably was having his tea when they called VAR decision for you. Looks at it in the wrong place because he didn't understand or see the action live. So doesn't draw the line or check Toni's position because he didn't have a clue who scored. He just stopped it at the point where he thought the play ended or where the suspicion was. Its a human error, made hard to believe that there were like 3 other people with him and nobody was watching the game closely

  2. When they refused to use the tech from the world cup in favour of tech that allowed for human error everyone should have realised, it was so they could do things like this deliberately. The FA is corrupt.

  3. i dont know why they bother hire referees ,it is better to implement AI to do all the job . . . but the biggest problem is that someone is manipulating with referees and someone will do the same with AI . . .

  4. “Human error” yeah an error which could cost a club millions in revenue and a trophy. If im a surgeon and I make a “human error” which harms someone thats no bueno. Some mistakes just cant be made

  5. If v.a.r going make silly call den fifa don't need dem chelsea win penalty against West ham clear hand 🖐 ⚽ ball arsenal match the mistake is silly v.a r fifa don't need this teams are suffering from these mistake

  6. There were several other errors that we did not consider, red card for arsenal, the foul on defender and arsenal scored. Why are we quiet on these things: arsenal bad tackle was not reviewed but it was a red card I remember Pogba against Neves.

  7. He says it took them time 3mins to get wat was wright but still they didn't get wright thing even after acknowledging that he was offside they tend to hide the truth how could you forget to what Is necessary drawing a line he should quit the job

  8. Clubs are spending lot of money to archive a better goal, how can a var ref go out there making silly mistake, all the time, he just don't want us to win the league

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