How I Got Google AdSense Approval Within 2 Month

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When I started blogging, I wasn’t even thinking of monetizing my website just yet, I wanted to blog for like 6 months and build any traffic, back links and all, then I would apply for Google AdSense or so I thought. Barely 2 months into blogging, I had over 40 original articles and 40 comments, you could say I was doing well for a WordPress beginner, by then I still wasn’t ready to apply for Google AdSense. I thought to myself “it is still too early, I don’t want to rush things and get my heart broken”. But a friend made a suggestion to me, advising me to apply for Google AdSense, I told him I’ve heard but I really did not work on the advice he gave me, but it was always at the back of my mind.

Some days later, on the 24th of August, 2015 I applied for Google AdSense. I was still doubtful, I honestly thought my request would be denied and I would have to go back to him crying telling him how I was not approved. About 4 days later, my mind was already starting to forget that I even applied for Google AdSense, then I received an email. The contents of that email changed my view on blogging as a whole. It was like I saw the light! I was approved on the 28th of August, 2015.

This was incredible news for me, with this approval I achieved the 1st step of Monetizing your website. Want to know how and why I got approved?

Why I Got Approved By Google AdSense

  • I always wrote Original Articles, all my posts have original contents
  • I had more than 40 Original written articles by me
  • I had more than 40 real comments
  • I have a paid, highly distinguished theme
  • I used SEO to target Keywords
  • I had good traffic for a WordPress Beginner
  • I engaged in Intensive Social Media Marketing
  • Had sufficient backlinks to link back to my site
  • Post links to accredited sources
  • I didn’t steal website content, run away from Copyright Infringement
  • If it’s any compensation, my domain name was more than 6 months old

Hope this has been of help to those on the righteous part of Blogging and want to get Google AdSense approval. It’s very possible, just follow the guides I posted around because those were the reasons I got approved within 2 months.

Source by Paul Aroloye

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