How this B.C. filmmaking duo created a stop motion short film on the life of a ‘Nakwaxda’xw Elder

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British Columbia

Tiny, based on the life of ‘Nakwaxda’xw Elder Colleen Hemphill, is directed by Ritchie Hemphill and animated by Ryan Haché, longtime friends and founders of the Vancouver Island-based animation studio, Bronfree Films.

Colleen Hemphill’s childhood is portrayed in Tiny, screening in B.C. film festivals this month

A figurine made from clay of a young girl. Her head and torso is visible as she is portrayed swimming in open water.
A still from the B.C. stop motion short film, Tiny, directed Ritchie Hemphill and animated by Ryan Haché. (Ritchie Hemphill, Bronfree Films)

A stop motion short film by two B.C. filmmakers is highlighting the life of a Nakwaxda’xw Elder and her experiences growing up near Alert Bay, a village off the coast of Vancouver Island. 


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