How will Javier Tebas and Joan Laporta be viewed after Lionel Messi's departure? | ESPN FC

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The ESPN FC crew dive into the latest details surrounding Lionel Messi’s recent decision to part ways with FC Barcelona after both parties failed to reach agreeable terms on a contract.
0:00 Gab Marcotti criticizes Barcelona for failing to come to an agreement to retain Lionel Messi.
1:45 Shaka Hislop explains why Messi’s departure from Barcelona will detract from the league.
3:00 Craig Burley and Shaka Hislop examine the relationship between Javier Tebas and Joan Laporta.
6:03 Gemma Soler explains why FC Barcelona will have a challenging upcoming season both on and off the pitch.

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24 thoughts on “How will Javier Tebas and Joan Laporta be viewed after Lionel Messi's departure? | ESPN FC

  1. hopefully, futbol players around the world would realize that "La Liga" is pretty much a proxy stage for the Catalans and Madridistas. if it wasnt for that, threy'll be killing each other. if the international players have any sense, they'll never play there again. that league stunts world class players! those two clubs only care about "Shirt Sales" in asia, in particular, China!

  2. Messi and CR7 are old and overpriced going into 2021-2022 season and you should let go of aging assets before you end up paying too much for old people who are not great anymore but mere good. And arguably the only reason to keep them was not for football but for the sale of merchandising.

  3. Years of overspending is now catching up with the big boys,Barca are supposed to be over a billion in debt,why has FIFA not made them and others comply with financial fair play,they should have been made to comply years ago,how can you buy players and give them extortionate wages when you havent got the money to do so.

  4. You all talking about loporta but why messi let his contact run out? …. to all of you now com barca/messi fans .barca is more than 1 player …we had a lot of great players in the past n surely we're going to have more ….we need to move on ..Barca all day all night with or without messi

  5. What about merging La Liga and the premier league/championship? It would increase their media rights contracts multiple times over because of the interest and value the matchups would give over time

  6. In respect for Messi and what he did for that club, they should've cut everyone else salary in order to keep him and make possible his retirement at the club. HE DESERVED THAT! But we live in a shady world full of shady people. So yeah.

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