'I think it was premature' – The Soccer Saturday panel discuss Aston Villa sacking Steven Gerrard

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Following Steven Gerrard’s sacking after his Aston Villa sides’ loss to Fulham on Thursday, the Soccer Saturday panel discussed whether this was the right decision for the midlands club and who might be the club’s next manager.

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45 thoughts on “'I think it was premature' – The Soccer Saturday panel discuss Aston Villa sacking Steven Gerrard

  1. Thats what happens when you leave a club that wants to win titles for a team fighting relagation villa is a bottom of the table side he cant change that villa will be fight religation with or without stevie G

  2. He didn’t do his job, he was brought in to improve us and made us worse. He had no clue what he was doing, he had no idea what his team was, how to talk to and connect with the fans or how to use subs or change the team if it’s not working. Job
    Failed, bye.

  3. Think villa will struggle to attract a decent manager because of the fans even see a lot of there own fans commenting on how bad they are the way they don't get behind the team and will turn and get the who ever takes the job the sack. Gerrard couldn't connect with them because there expectations are unreasonable

  4. hardly premature, he was a coward and a fraud way out of his depth. Most of these lemon heads also said Steve Bruce was harshly sacked after he nearly got Newcastle relegated. Too many pundits comment out of bias and loyalty to ex team mates and pals instead of offering objective, proper, unbiased opinions

  5. Gerrard should have listened to his staff ! Because Danks could clearly see what the fans have been seeing for ages the system for us is not a 4-3-3 yet he was so stubborn and wanted to keep playing it !

    Every villa podcast for months has said 4-2-3-1

  6. This didn't age well after the 4-0 win! Maybe the players wanted him out or maybe the Mings dressing down upset the applecart but at the end of the day he didn't win enough games!!!! Devotion to Ramsey and McGinn when the formation wasn't working and, bearing in mind the owners met before the Fulham game, something was already afoot.

  7. what a shock, football nobodies….oops pundits, rallying around an inept tactical idiot in gerrard. the only man i have seen at villa with worse tactics is in fact tactics tim sherwood. jokers.

  8. 4 wins in 22 games across the end of last season to this season. Listen – Steven Gerrard is a premier league legend but that means pundits he won four games with a pre-season and 18 games unwon. That’s half a season of games lost almost. Stop defending Gerrard. I like him as human but he failed in this job. End of.

  9. Any football pundit that thinks Steven Gerrard's sacking at Aston Villa was premature has absolutely no idea what the hell they are talking about and they clearly haven't watched a villa game in his final 6 months in charge. These clowns are stealing a living.

  10. Jeff Stelling was the very man that was slagging off Villa when they played Southampton. He was right. The match was crap. How then can he sit here and listen to these idiots makes excuses for a failed manager.

  11. Clinton Morrison – "There's not much more he could have done". There is a lot more he could have done. "He didn't know his best team" – A manager in a Premier League Job that hasn't figure out a competitive starting 11 after 11 months in the job deserves to be fired.

  12. Gerrard set this trajectory when he stripped Mings of the captaincy….an action intended to stamp authority, disregarding what offered the greatest chance of success on the pitch. It was a decision taken with the intent to be punitive & pushing the armband on to mcginn, with the full knowledge of how it would humiliate, was incredibly ill conceived, arrogant & ultimately, divisive.

  13. Gerrard gets sacked and the first game after that Villa win 4-0. Football is a very strange game sometimes!! That indicates that the players wanted rid of him maybe?? It’s terrible in a way because Villa fans are within their rights to say why haven’t we seen a performance like that before Gerrard was sacked??

  14. Villa treated Gerrard appallingly . Players wouldn’t play for him . They obviously can play as they just beat Brentford so they just didn’t like Gerrard and wouldn’t play for him and the thick fans saying get out of our club must be stupid for not seeing what the problem was . Gerrard is a good manager and there isn’t one single player in Villa fit to lace his boots . Gerrard is a legend ! He was treated appallingly ! By players and fans . Hope Villa go down for that !

  15. What's wrong with wanting more? Villa want to win the league, they want to go to the champions league! Why should they sit back and let everybody else have the glory?

  16. Its always the same, when a Brit is 'sacked it's '"oh he deserved more time"" but if it's a foreigner it''s ït was time for a change"' Villa has been terrible under Steven Gerrard. The excuses are silly really.

  17. these guys …. said he needed more time, then Villa bang 4 in . He was schooled by an assistant coach who set the team up in 2 days .

  18. These were the same media members who couldn't stop criticising Ole. Even though he achieved his objective of getting Utd into the Champions League twice and losing a European final. It's a joke how bias these guys are.

  19. Sick of Sky and the rest of the media protecting Gerrard. He has a worse win record at Villa than Neville at Valencia. Beale was the brains and he went to QPR then Gerrard had no idea. He’s terrible

  20. He sent us back, spent a lot of money. He was crap. He done nothing. He couldn’t find a team to play his destruction football. It don’t work in the prem. stop protecting him. He is not ready for this. He was a good footballer but he his stuck up his own arss. That’s why half of his back staff left him. To manage a team you have to become the club. Not use the club for a DREAM job. Don’t protect him. You are all quick enough to judge others with his kinda record. Don’t!

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